Meme Lord / Meme Master

Meme Lord / Meme Master

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Meme Lord is an internet slang term used to refer to someone who shows a strong passion for memes.[2] The alternate term Meme Master is often used as a synonym.[7]


Meme Master was first used on March 2nd, 2006, by user Duffergeek on his blog.[8] In his post titled C'est la mΓͺme meme he posts various facts about himself and near the end says "1. Leslie – Go Go Meme Master!" The post received no comments.


On December 14th, 2014, a video titled COTW – PRETEEN MEME MASTER was uploaded to the TooDamnFilthy YouTube channel in which YouTube celebrity Filthy Frank rants about a cringe-worthy kid he refers to as the 'meme master' who gets into an argument about memes (shown below, left). As of May 11th, 2016, the video has received 1.1 million views and 36k likes.[3] On August 13th, 2015, a video titled DON'T LET YOUR MEMES BE DREAMS | Shia LaBeouf Meme Master Dating Sim was uploaded to the jacksepticeye YouTube channel in which YouTube celebrity Sean McLoughlin commentates a Let's Play and mentions the term 'meme master' several times throughout the video (shown below, right). As of May 11th, 2016, the video has received 2.1 million views and 60k likes.[5]

On December 4th, 2015, a video titled Undertale Repainted, omega memelord battle was uploaded to the SuperWiiBros08 YouTube channel in which an Omega Flowey Edit made entirely of meme references is shown battling the player (shown below, left). As of May 11th, 2016, the video has received 305k views and 3.7k likes.[4] On May 10th, 2016, a video titled Shantae and the Pirate's Curse: Breaking Stuff – PART 8 – Grumpcade (Ft. Ray Narvaez Jr.) was uploaded to the GameGrumps YouTube channel in which Ross says "Ray's a fuckin' meme lord" to his co-host Ray Narvaez (shown below, right at 2:00). As of May 11th, 2016, the video has received 41k views and 2k likes.[1]

Shia Labeouf: Meme Master Dating Simulator

On July 6th, 2015, Game Jolt user Good Enough Gaming uploaded a game titled Shia Labeouf: Meme Master Dating Sim.[6] The game's descriptions says "Shia LaBeouf: Meme Master Dating Simulator is exactly what is sounds like. Embark on a journey of dank memes and love as you meet the new transfer student: Hollywood Superstar Shia LaBeouf. There are 10 total endings. Can you find them all?" As of May 11th, 2016, the game's page has 38k views and 10.5k plays. Multiple popular Let's Play videos of the game were posted to YouTube (shown below).

Various Examples

SU-MEMELORD SANS THE MEME * hey papyrus wanna go to the waterfall1? eeetti dunked on PAGH PAPYRUSSans Fishing for memes Shibost PRESS * I want Chara to be the Ultimate Memelord YAY ! THEY CALL ME MEME MASTER NOW OUR MEME LORDS HAVE UNITED (WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.. 420 dank yolo :

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