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Jacksepticeye is the YouTube alias of Sean "Jack" McLoughlin, an Irish vlogger and video game streamer best known for his humorous Let's Play videos.

Online History

On February 24th, 2007, McLoughlin launched the jacksepticeye YouTube channel.[1] The first video was uploaded on November 12th, 2012, featuring a Metal Gear-themed parody of the introduction to games in the Fallout series (shown below).

On November 6th, 2013, McLoughlin uploaded footage of himself playing the game Grand Theft Auto V with a moon gravity mod enabled (shown below, left). Within four years, the video gained over 12.8 million views and 14,100 comments. On December 4th, McLoughlin posted a video in which he interacts with Cleverbot, which gathered more than 12 million views and 48,000 comments within three years (shown below, right).

On December 13th, 2014, a Let's Play video featuring the game Muddy Heights was uploaded to the jacksepticeye channel (shown below, left). In two years, the video received upwards of 15.9 million views and 17,000 comments. On May 5th, 2015, an animated Five Nights At Freddy's-themed video was uploaded to the channel, which accumulated over 58 million views and 17,800 comments within two years (shown below, right).

On July 22nd, 2016, McLoughlin uploaded an autotuned song by Schmoyoho (shown below, left). In six months, the video gained more than 45 million views and 247,000 comments. On October 7th, he released a video titled "Losing Faith in Humanity," which garnered upwards of 7.1 million views and 43,000 comments over the next three months.

Breakup With Wiishu

On October 8th, 2018, YouTuber Sam Dubs uploaded a video titled "JackSepticEye Sings Girls Like You (JACK AND WIISHU BREAK UP)", featuring footage of McLoughlin with YouTuber Signe Hansen (a.k.a. Wiishu) spliced into the 2017 song "Girls Like You" by Maroon 5 (shown below).

The following day, Hansen posted a tweet announcing that she and McLoughlin had broken up (shown below, left). Additionally, the tweet contained a statement addressing those who blamed her for the breakup, claiming it was "unfair" to use her "as a scapegoat." One minute later, McLoughlin tweeted that he had broken up with Wiishu and asked for readers' "respect and privacy on this topic moving forward" (shown below, right).

The following day, The Mirror[6] published an article about the breakup titled "YouTuber Jacksepticeyesplits from Wiishu after three years – but begs fans not to speculate after his mental health battle."

Social Media Presence

In September 2009, the @Jack_Septic_Eye[3] Twitter feed was created, which accumulated upwards of 2.5 million followers within eight years. On October 18th, 2013, the Jacksepticeye Facebook page was launched, gathering more than 322,000 likes in the next four years. On December 1st, the /r/jacksepticeye subreddit was launched for discussions about the YouTube channel. The article included an extended statement from Hansen,


As of January 2017, the Jacksepticeye YouTube channel has upwards of 6.5 billion video views and 14 million subscribers, making him the 35th most-subscribed YouTuber.[5]

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So, it happened. Jack reached 10 million subs. Pewdiepie and Markiplier's entries are confirmed, and I believe, after some updating to this entry, it is about time to confirm him too. He is clearly as relevant and present as those 2 guys today, and growing faster subs-wise. So, it just seems like the objectively logical thing to do, regardless of what anyone thinks of him here.


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