misspelling spongebob in the gif tab

Misspelling "SpongeBob" In The GIF Tab

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Misspelling "SpongeBob" In The GIF Tab refers to a humorous internet axiom that states that no matter how badly one misspells "SpongeBob" in the GIF tab on Twitter, GIFs from the television show SpongeBob SquarePants will appear. After the oddity was pointed out by a Twitter user in early February of 2023, many Twitter users showcased their attempts at butchering the spelling of "SpongeBob," only to be delivered SpongeBob GIFs.


On February 3rd, 2023, Twitter user @whipaf[1] remarked, "u can spell spongebob as wrong as u want in the Gif tab n he still gon show up," gaining over 5,500 retweets, 7,400 quote-tweets, and 76,000 likes in four days (shown below, top). To prove their point, the user showed how SpongeBob GIFs appeared when they typed "sheogebuob" into Twitter's GIF tab (shown below, bottom).

whip @whipaf u can spell spongebob as wrong as u want in the Gif tab n he still gon show up 1:13 AM. Feb 3, 2023 - 31.1M Views :

Q sheogebuob pe imgPlay Cancel @amandacdias nick


The tweet quickly inspired people to see how badly they could misspell "SpongeBob" and still be served SpongeBob GIFs by Twitter. Absurd examples include a tweet from @2popeyebiscuit,[2] who proved the axiom true by typing "aoongbov" into the Twitter GIF tab and receiving SpongeBob GIFs, receiving over 180 retweets and 6,600 likes (shown below, left). User @bluithink[3] proved it by searching "dponbebib," gaining over 130 retweets and 7,400 likes (shown below, right).

. AT&T BB 2 7:47 PM Q aoongbov imgPlay ]]] nick 67% Cancel @amandacdias D.O ReactionGIF org Qdponbebib Autoplay GIFs Only for previews below. 6 imgPlay 9² Cancel @amandacdias 01

Some users took the axiom as a challenge and worked to find spellings of "SpongeBob" so outlandish that SpongeBob wouldn't appear. User @LegoshiPecs[4] celebrated "defeating" the challenge with the term "spingledorp" (shown below, left). User @vhyrrusss[5] noted that the trick didn't work when removing all the vowels from "SpongeBob" (shown below, right).

spingledorp Auto-play GIFs Only for previews below FOX DUPORTES EETMGM LEPOR KOTTENET E Sign me up, man! BUCKS 34 O Frost ORLANDO SPARS ORL 36 49 SA 16 HAWKS 11 ATL 32 27 MIL FACE DEPORTES LEIPZIG arcus 1997 BROOKLYN 1 ELEVEN 450 BUCKS 34 HAPPY NEW YEAR Here's to a brighter and happier new year with family and dear friends! EPRINT FIELD DENVER 14 DEN 49 46 WU 2020 FIFA19 HAWKS ATL BKN 8187 MIL ORL WERNER GOAL My herotag Share your herotag with your Ma to receive pay blazzord ORLANDO Celrond PRODUC NEW YORK 16 36 NYK کس ام طلاب الجامعة كس ام التوجيهي کس ام ربكم 范冰冰 111 10 Q spgbb ||||||||||||| ShareChat 4 MOHAMMAD AZAM Cancel ТЫ ОПРАВЛЯЕШЬСЯ В ТУТАЕВ Watch what happens when I cast a spell I don't know! MKINEMASTER Watch what happens when I cast a spell I don't know! 0:00:10

Various Examples

Auto-play GIFs []}]. 23 imgPlay 3 TO nick shponognbobeeo V @amandacdias 20 11:27 Q spikkle bick poingy N B imgPlay WH @amandacdias 18 Cancel 10:49 sng bb sqr pnat BEE AR VERWALKER ARS CO ||| that's spongebob SPINGLEBOB Ba O 5G. 88% SPINGLEBOB B.B.King < 1:25 Bar Friends på GREES Q spoemgpop ImgPlay watch yo tone mf Cancel Reacten org spingaboob Je THAIS RIMBAT TF imgPlay SUC @amandacdias 30 8 a nick ReactionGIF org 9:57 Q dobgevob imgPlay nick GETALLE @amandacdias 85 Cancel Reaction org

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