Norwood Scale / Norwood Reaper meme depicting the norwood reaper coming to collect that luxurious hair.

Norwood Scale / Norwood Reaper

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Norwood Scale, also known as the Hamilton-Norwood Scale, is a scale used to classify the stages of male pattern baldness, numbered one to seven. The scale has often been used online to measure the presence and progression of baldness, both one's own and that of other people, particularly within lookism communities. In 2018, frequent use of the scale online spawned the Norwood Reaper meme and slang term, a catchphrase used to describe the death-like inevitability of baldness once hair loss has started.


The scale for classification and measuring the progression of male pattern baldness was first introduced by James Hamilton in the 1950s and was later revised and updated by O'Tar Norwood in the 1970s.[1] The scale depicts seven stages of baldness, with stage one being a full head of hair, and stage seven being the most severe stage in which the person is mostly bald on the front and top of their head (shown below). The scale has been used by medical professionals to assess the severity of baldness, although its reliability has been questioned.[2]


The scale has appeared in online discussions pertaining to lookism and men's health at least since the early 2010s. For example, on January 15th, 2012, an anonymous user posted a request to find images of celebrities with stages of baldness matching different stages of the Norwood scale on the /tv/[3] board (shown below, left). On October 27th, 2013, another user posted the chart to /tv/,[4] asking others to self-assess and report (shown below, right).

30KiB, 478x283, norwoodscale.gif View Same Google iqdb Sauce NAO Trace science class. View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO [5/4] Anonymous Sun 15 Jan 2012 21:35:04 No. 20488101 View Reply Original Rep ort Quoted By: >>20488378 >>20488624 Hey, /tv/! Can you find me a celebrity with a matching hairline for each type of hair loss on the Norwood Scale? It's for my 1326577572694.jpg, 15KiB, 378x378 Anonymous Sun 15 Jan 2012 21:37:03 No.20488126 Report Quoted By: >>20488624 Anonymous Sun 27 Oct 2013 23:13:21 No.38278111 Quoted By: >>38278147 >>38278207 >>38278250 >>38278261 >>38278290 >>38278297 >>38278342 >>38278345 >>38278365 >>38278615 >>38279805 What are you guys on the norwood scale? I'm type 2 and 21. F------ sucks.

According to circumstantial evidence,[5] the Norwood scale was popularized online by the now-defunct forum and other Looksim communities. In early 2018, an unknown user coined the slang expression "Norwood Reaper," which described the "grim reaper of baldness" who comes unexpectedly and painted the inevitability of going bald sooner or later once hair loss has begun. Some of the earliest found mentions of the expression are a January 18th, 2018, post on 4chan's /fa/[6] board (shown below) and a mention of the Norwood Reaper in a February 26th, 2018, Reddit[7] post.

>> Anonymous Thu Jan 18 15:42:51 2018 No.13083961 norwood reaper strikes again


The use of both the Norwood Scale and the Norwood Reaper as an expression online grew in the late 2020s, most notably in lookism communities and on imageboards. For example, on March 4th, 2019, an anonymous 4chan's /tv/[8] user shared an image of the Norwood Reaper collecting hair from bald YouTubers and celebrities (shown below, left). On November 16th, 2019, Urban Dictionary[9] user norwoodreaper added a definition for Norwood Reaper.

Starting in 2021, both the Norwood Scale and the Norwood Reaper saw further spread online, with notable posts and memes appearing on X / Twitter[10] and iFunny. For example, on October 11th, 2021, iFunny[11] user wubs posted a crossover of the scale with the 1998 Eye Chart, with the post garnering over 840 smiles in two years (shown below, right).

BROO ΠΙΑ IVA VA ΠΙΑ III vertex onon VII VA IVA VA Men destined to define eras and change history, who will be remembered for millennia to come ΠΙΑ Philosophers, Kings, Explorers, and Inventors Influential Artists, Writers, and Generals IIA IV Officers, Officials, Diplomats Middle Management, Soldiers, Craftsmen Manual Labourers, Peasants, Street Merchants Untouchable- Sanitation Workers, Street Sweepers

Both the scale and the Norwood Reaper meme maintained a significant presence on social media platforms through the early 2020s, with multiple memes going viral.

Is Es Over Für Mich?

Is Es Over Für Mich? is a German / Denglisch catchphrase translating to "Is it Over for me?" and referencing the It's Over meme. Popularized by a 2023 viral X / Twitter post in which a German user asked about his receding hairline, the catchphrase has since been used in various contexts, most often in the contexts of balding and Norwood Reaper memes.

Hundefriedrich @Hundefriedhoof Ist es over für mich? 11:01 AM May 14, 2023 19.1M Views

Various Examples

Feature Creatures when their "Based Femboy" meets the Norwood Reaper and 5'oclock Shadow men be like: "I have my whole life ahead of me". No you don't, the norwood is coming reaper III vertev IV VI IIA IIIA IVA VA Chairman @LRH_Superfan Where does this fall on the Norwood scale? 3:07 PM Jun 16, 2022
The American Sun @NewAtlantisSun Putin unleashing his superweapon - a previously unknown level on the Norwood scale *** 11:14 PM . Oct 11, 2022 *** MEDICALNEWS TODAY Norwood Scale 00000 Men destined to define eras and change history, who will be remembered for millenia to come Philosophers, Kings, Explorers, and Inventors Influential Artists, Writers, and Generals Officers, Officials, Diplomats Middle Management, Soldiers, Craftsmen Manual Labourers, Peasants, Street Merchants Untouchable- Sanitation Workers, Street Sweepers Lukas (computer) @SCHIZO_FREQ Just learned sometimes guys who get hair transplants start balding again. I can't visualize this in any way other than a literally materialized Norwood Reaper chasing them with his scythe, swiping viciously, shaving him with each pass 4:48 PM. Feb 3, 2023 24.2K Views

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I honestly don't get why other men value their head hair so much, if anything balding makes your appearance more masculine. There might be the issue of sunburn if you're a light skinned person in a high sunlight environment, but we've literally had hats for that problem since prehistory.

Honestly, if you're asking me, the cosmetic surgery industry is the real issue. They do nothing but promote false and nonsensical beauty standards that only serve to line their pockets and promote body image issues, which further lines their pockets.

There's nothing wrong with balding, if other people don't like your natural appearance, then that's their problem, they're probably not worth your time anyways if their going to mistreat you over something like balding.


Being bald isn't "unlucky", it's pretty normal. A guy doesn't need to be super tall to be attractive, a girl doesn't need to have a thigh gap or hourglass figure to be attractive.

I've said this before on that voicecel BS. People will find people who are genuine attractive. Tastes are as varied as body-types themselves. There are girls who like short guys and guys with a lil chub, and there are absolutely partners out there who don't a smooth head. Appearance REALLY isn't as impactful as people make it out to be, taking care of yourself and having an attractive personality (being a pleasant person) go a LOT further.

Example: Who would you rather go out with, Amber Heard, or a "similar" movie star, or an "average" person you met who was really nice and pleasant to be around? I'd imagine most people would avoid some egomaniac celebrity like the plague, and would feel a lil warm and fuzzy inside after being treated kindly or if someone made a connection with them.

If a girl or guy popped into your mind, remember that it goes both ways.

There are very real psychological factors here about how people are viewed based on how they act. People will view those they already like as more attractive, even.

TL;DR: You're enough, and psychological factors are more important than physical appearance (so long as you groom yourself appropriately)


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