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Number Neighbor / Text Door Neighbor

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Added 7 years ago by Matt • Updated 10 months ago by Y F

Number Neighbor / Text Door Neighbor
Number Neighbor / Text Door Neighbor

Category: Meme Status: confirmed Origin: 2008 Region:
Type: Social Game
Tags: phone texting dan_the_01

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Number Neighbor, also known as Text Door Neighbor, is a mobile social game in which players send a text message to the phone number with its last digit one numeral higher or lower than their own. For example, if their phone number is 555-5555, then their text door neighbor is 555-5554 or 555-5556.

May or may not have just sent a text to my text door neighbour! Let's see how this goes #textdoorneighbour T-Mobile Wi-Fi 6:47 PM 1596 くMessages Details iMessage Today 6:44 PM Hey it's your text door neighbor! Just wanted to let you know that it's Monday, and you got thist Delivered


On August 11th, 2008, Urban Dictionary user dan_the_01[1] defined "Text Door Neighbor" as:

"The people who are a digit either side of your phone number- Many a friendship has been struck up by saying hi to a text door neighbour.

Woody- 'Hey Dan, what happened when you got in touch with your text door neighbour?'
Dan- 'Absolutley nothing witheither of them- both were nutters!'"


On January 4th, 2016, the Mirror[3] published an article about Text Door Neighbor. Other publications soon followed, including The Daily Mail,[4] Metro,[2] and Distractify.[5]

o T-Mobile 22:33 6896 D+ Verizon LTE 2:45 PM 75%-. Details Messages (4) text door neighbor Details Back (23) who? Hi I'm your text door neighbour, how are you?? Text Message Today 2:21 PM And who might that be you see we have the same digits in our number except for the very last number so that makes us text door neighbors Wrong number mate Nooooo, my number is the same as yours but the last digit is one under mine that makes you my TEXT door neighbour OK..stop texting me tude Harassment is a criminal last warning STOP texting me Message Send A S DF G H J K L 123 return Text space Send

On January 5th, 2016, the subreddit /r/textdoor[3] launched. The subreddit allows users to post their experiences messaging their text door neighbors.

Boing Boing[6] published "Have you texted your textdoor neighbor?" on April 8th, 2017. The article pointed to /r/textdoor and the re-emergence of the trend.

Notable Examples

Text Message Today 3:04 PM Hello, I'm your Textdoor Neighbor Who is this Your Textdoor neighbor Wat is a textdoor neighbor Look at the number Wat about it My number is 1 lower than yours Ok but who are you How u get my number Text Message Text Message Today 07:33 Hi I'm Wayne your Text door neighbour ;) who are you and what are you up to? Who is this texting me this early ....Wayne who? Just leave me Alone please Text Message Yesterday 9:16 PM Hello I typed in a random number so I could tell you, a random person, to have a nice day. Have a nice day! Today 8:31 AM To my random person l want to thank you so much for that text yesterday. I lost my best friend yesterday. Yesterday was her funeral. You are a blessing n Angel. Ty so so so much. God bless you sweat heart. Have a great n amazing day beautiful. Today 12:08 PM Text Message ん- ·m

% ..dl 65%. 12:20 PM CALL MORE Monday, April 10, 2017 Howdy, textdoor neighbor! Hope you're having a great day :) 12:14 PM 12:14 PM We're neighbors! I'm one number up from you. 12:15 PM hehehe i have this number since 2010 lol 12:15 PM 12:16 PM No way, so have l! i buy it from in 12:17 PM Mine is from 12:17 PM nice 12:18 PM Well, have a good one! 12:19 PM u too men 12:19 PM Enter message ND oO AT&T 4G 6:26 PM 100%( 0+ iMessage Today 9:06 AM hey what's up i'm your textdoor neighbor Read 9:53 AM Today 6:25 PM Looks like I need to put up a fence Message Hey, I'm your text door neighbor :) Hey neighbor How's it going? Feels like an Arby's night Not bad. In the airport. Roast beef sounds good.

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