Oh Stop It, You

Oh Stop It, You

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OH STOP IT, YoU Acute angle


Oh Stop It, You is a rage comic character that conveys self-modesty or humble gratitude.


The "Oh Stop It You" character was created by William and posted to his art blog GODBEAMS[1] on December 23rd, 2010. The Tumblr post has accrued 2757 notes as of July 2012.



The character was used by deviantArt user Fyi-Sus[12] on February 14th, 2011 in an image (shown below, left) describing how she responds to compliments, however, it didn't make its first appearance in rage comics until September 2nd of that year. The comic (shown below, right) was posted on Memebase[2] and depicts a girl's reaction after her friend asks her to send him photos of herself in the shower.

m laughing becausc jov're tring to be cute. but dont feel bad. coz·n my head I'm like OH STOP IT, YoU hot friend Me on the phone with hot friend BLAHblahblahrandomsillystuff Hey derp, I need to shower. I'1l call you back after ME , ok just send pics thenl LOL I KNOW RIGHT!? Oh DERP YOU'RE SO FUNNY!!! BUT seriously..send them RAGE BUILDER.COM

Two Facebook fan pages were created for the face[3][4] in November 2011 and a third Facebook fan page[13] in March 2012, which have accrued more than 30,000 likes in aggregate as of July 2012. Throughout the first half of the year, the character has been featured on a number of rage comic hubsites like My Face When[5], Reddit[6], Rage Generator[7] and Ragestache[8], as well as on general internet humor sites 9gag[9], Memebase[10] and Tumblr[11] under the tag “oh stop it you.”

Notable Examples

le me, in class with the proftessor When a wild question appears! "Mr. Herp, what was the blah blah blah blah" "Hey class, listen up, Derp had a good question" OH STOP op IT, You thecholericqueen 2012-06-27 14:17 2 you're adorable and i wish i could date you Anonymous IT, You. Jus fess. I don't care who you are. Im not even kidding. I'd date you if you're nice enough to send me an awesome message like this. ;D I mean it! You better tell me who you are or i'll track your IP address and stalk you. NOT. EVEN. JOKING stalker
You're A- ABLE OH STOP IT, You op IT, YoU Thank you! You're great. Go to Tumblr OH STOP IT, You

Hey You, Stop It

The notability of "Oh Stop It You" character went onto inspire its inverse counterpart "Hey You, Stop It" that is sometimes used to express frustration in rage comics. Since its debut on Rage Generator[14] on February 5th, 2012, the character has appeared in several comics featured by FunnyJunk[15], MemeCenter[16] and 9gag.[17]

ceyyou singing. . . hat are you doing? RageGenerator

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