OMG RUN Guy / Tampon Head Rage Face

OMG RUN Guy / Tampon Head Rage Face

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OMG RUN Guy / Tampon Head Rage Face is a rage comic character with a white cylindrical head and twisted arms, usually in the process of running to or from somewhere. The face is used to express a feeling of high energy, for example, fear, surprise, or excitement.


The origin of OMG RUN Guy is currently unknown. On March 30th, 2010, JoyReactor[1] user "anon" uploaded a collection of Rage Comics featuring OMG RUN Guy (examples shown below, left and right). This is the earliest known collection of the character.

Sees a photo being taken during a party *My co-worker and I cleaning our store's dollar-spot area. "Check it out, they have foam maces!" "That may be cool, but I found a sword that could beat your mace!" "I'll smash "Not if I stab your brains, evil wench !" you in the heart first!" *Our manager *poke* "Get back to work!"


OMG RUN Guy appears in many Rage Comics made throughout the 2010s, used to represent characters running for various reasons or showing excitement. On November 14th, 2011, an anonymous user posted a Rage Comic featuring the character to Imgur[2] (shown below).

Not sure if need to Ehh...ill fart...or let her shit... rip... SHAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRTTTT!!!!!! OH MY...

On March 31st, 2012, /u/Fang2271 uploaded a Rage Comic using the character to /r/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu[3] (shown below).

watching a movie at so called "scary" part get a message on facebook while aíone at home. this isn't scary at all HOLY CRAP" !! HOLY CRAP!!!!

A female version of OMG RUN Guy also exists, used in the same situations in Rage Comics for female characters (examples shown below).[4][5]

*when I lose *when I win It's just a game. YEEEEEEEEES, I AM THE WINNER! I AM MUCH BETTER THAN YOU! CALL ME THE DESTROYER!!! mom, i knew everthing le Derp 치e mom what? don't tell ur dad, here is 20 bucks ME GUSTA dad, iknew everything DAFUQ? Don't tell ur mom n i'll give u 50 bucks ME GUSTA Hey mailman. i knew everything le mailman U knew everything? Come to daddy, son し·FFFFFF Tre Story

Various Examples

*me and friends SPLAAAAT IT!!!!! chasing cockroach *le splatter Unfortunate roach *SWITCH TO WINGED MODE! NO. RUN BITCHES there is still hope! OMG OMG OMG!!! le shy lonely me le friend okay You wanna get a girl, yoiu "Help me Derp."need to be more confident. wle new confident me le hot girls HATERS GONNA HATE foreve lone Ladies... Watching Disney movies with my little brother and sister when i was a kid: OH GOD THEYRE SINGING! Watching My Little Pony now OH GOD THEY'RE SINGING! My Little RAINY DAY me "oh it's raining again! Looks like another lazy day, i'm just gonna stay in bed and play video games" OH MY GOD! My mom *Me visiting my Grandma "You 're so CUTE I could EAT YOU UP!" 4 year old me "Oh look. He wants to go outside and play." "kids and their need to run." DAKA-DAKA-DAKA DAKA-DAKA-DAKA!

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