Oof Size Large

Oof Size Large

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Oof Size Large refers to a reaction image in which man making a grimace is superimposed over a washing machine dial labeled "Oof Size" that is set to "large." The image grew popular on Reddit in January of 2020 and was commonly paired screenshots of cringeworthy moments.


While the first post of the image is unclear, the earliest known post of the original template image appeared on Facebook, [1] posted by user Rick Moses, on June 7th, 2019 (shown below). The image is an edit of a template based off a washing machine dial labeled "load size" set to "large."[7]

Medium Small Large OOF SIZE


The template did not start growing in popularity until 2020, when Redditors began using it as a reaction image. On January 6th, user thedennisknwr posted an example in /r/memes,[2] gaining over 16,000 points (shown below, left). On January 9th, user jizzhandkid posted an example that gained over 43,000 points.[3]

Ronda Queen My bf got his side bitch pregnant but we both love each other. Should I stay? Thobeka. @MsThobekaa Yes. They'll need a clown for the kid's birthday parties. Medium Small Large OOF SIZE I was T once went speed dating and the only guy who showed up, there were 14 women. All 14 chose to stay single than go out on a date with me. 9:22 AM 11/10/19 Twitter for iPhone Tweet your reply Medium Small Larg OOF SIZE

The template continued to be popular over the following week. On January 13th, Redditor captainsam22 posted an example in /r/dankmemes[4] that gained over 26,000 points (shown below, left). On January 10th, Redditor DoKSolero posted an example in /r/memes[5] that gained over 14,00 points (shown below, right). The memes were covered by Stayhipp.[6]

Hey my friend changed all my contact names can u tell me who you are What does it say Bitch Oh wow.and btw Its caroline, your ex Oh I guess he didnt change this one Medium Small Large OOF SIZE kkyoin just gonna start killing people i dont find funny cthuluguu National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 Medium Small Large OOF SIZE

Various Examples

r/AskReddit Posted by u/noobajohnson • 12m With 7.7 billion people living on Earth, what do you think no one is doing right now? Discussion O Award Share 15 + Vote + * BEST COMMENTS - CRM2018 • 10m Dating you + Vote + - Reply Medium Small Large OOF SIZE In your opinion, what's the height of stupidity? Anakin, how tall are vou? Medium Small Large OOF SIZE r/teenagers u/wagman43 • 4h • 18 My friend's crush told him he smelled nice Relationship She asked him where he got his cologne so she could buy her boyfriend some. Lmao Share 293 13.9k Medium Small Large OOF SIZE dirk diggler @TakeForGrantd How did Baby Boomers get college for the price of a McChicken and still end up the dumbest f------ people on the planet Medium Small Large OOF SIZE Comments 7.9K Bwez Cwez 1 year ago Do a neck reveal E 43 I 1K Medium Small Large OOF SIZE ... You can play with my d--- and say you're practicing anatomy Today 8:50 am Anatomy on a molecular level is beyond my expertise Sent Medium Small Large OOF SIZE imgflip.com


Medium Small Large OOF SIZE

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