Overconfident Alcoholic

Overconfident Alcoholic

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Overconfident Alcoholic (Depression Guy), also known as "Nuthin’s Funnier", is an exploitable four panel comic used to convey one's feeling of dismay after having a moment of epiphany.


The original comic is an excerpt from the opening panel of a short story comic strip illustrated by Jesse Nylund[2] of Completely Serious Comics[1], originally uploaded on January 9th, 2011. In the scene (shown below, left), the character claims that nothing is funnier than "a monkey in a suit" after another passing person suggests that a baby in a suit with a cigar would be more humorous. Shocked, the character resorts to drinking alone in the depressing final panel. One of the earliest parodies of the comic (shown below, right) was used to critique someone for posting the original pane on FunnyJunk[3] on June 6th, 2012. The parody urges that original content (OC) is funnier than reposts.

Wuthin's Funnier Man, nuthin's funnier than a monke in a suit! What abot a baby ih a * suit w:tl a cigar? TTP://www.cOMPLETELYSERIOUSCOMICS.COM/ Wuthin's Funnier an, nuthin's funhier than reposts! What about oc? OP HTTP://www.COMPLETELYSERIOUSCOMICS.COM


Additional iterations of the comic appeared with new captions on 4chan's /sp/ (sports) board[4] on August 3rd, 2012, followed by another instance on FunnyJunk[5] three days later. That month, additional instances were found on mushrooms enthusiast forum Shroomery[6], the Dungeons and Dragons forums[7] and mixed martial arts forum Sherdog.[8] On September 7th, 2012, an instance comparing the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5 was posted to We Know Memes[9], where the series was dubbed “Overconfident Alcoholic Depression Guy.” Between August and September, three Facebook fan pages[12][13][14] for the series were created, gathering more than 4300 likes combined as of February 2013. Over the next several months, Overconfident Alcoholic appeared on FunnyJunk[10], Memebase.[11], deviantArt[16], We Know Memes[17] and Meme Center.[18]Additionally, a Quickmeme[15] generator for the comics has gained more than 2200 submissions as of February 2013.

Notable Examples

I caught all 151 pokemon But. There are more than 600 now I worked so hard... Man, nuthing's funnier than this meme But this meme...v It's trending on 9gag is funny And then whan I'm up on the surface, rll devour all their souls!! Keep dreaming fagsot.
Only p------ get feels from visual novels Play Katawa Shoujo. I would never cheat in a relationship. Obviously. That would require two people to find you attractive YOLO You Are A Cat

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RandomMan Moderator

I agree with MDF. People jump to conclusions way to quickly when the word “9gag" appears, they didn’t even check if the entry was perhaps incorrect (which it is).

That being said, I'm pulling this back into submissions for now.


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