Paypig slang term depicting a graphic of a man giving a woman his wallet because she's pretty.


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Paypig is a derogatory slang term used in findom or "financial domination" fetish circles in which a submissive person gets aroused by the idea of being financially subservient to a dominant person. In pop culture, a paypig is typically a man with a domination kink that pays large amounts of money to a female dominatrix, often while being consensually berated or humiliated for doing so. Paypigs are also called finsubs, money pigs or money slaves.


While submissive and dominant fetish lifestyles predate the internet, personal blogs and websites, as well as internet-based money transfer systems like PayPal, led to the fetish taking on its current form. Findom and paypig culture is notably a form of "distance domination" aided by the development of the modern internet.[1]

An early example of the word "paypig" being used on a findom website is a post from January 23rd, 2004, by a blogger called "Princess" on a dot com website named Financial Domination[2] (seen below, left). On January 20th, 2007, an Urban Dictionary[3] user named DirkD posted a definition for the term "paypig," gathering over 1,900 upvotes in 16 years (seen below, right).

Financial Domination Princess Sierra Findom Diary and Online Exploits! HOME MY WEBSITE Punished paypig Leave a reply PHOTOS PAY ME! CONTACT AMAZON WISHLIST I have some stuff to get done here today and need to workout. All My workout clothing came to- day fatty. Love them! OH that f------ frenchfool the slutfuck almost lost his membership for being his usual slutty self. he was given a 2part punishment. First he sent $400 and for the second part of his punish- ment he will be given himself a fullface s--- mask. he wil suffer. I got the we're waiting for "nature to call." I'll update later tonite when I get more time. I'm back. Oh let's see. Another $300 from pornpie freak and some crazy pics of him dressed up as.hmm..I dunno what. he's so lame. $300 cash came in from easy scott, $100 from brad the f-- and a box of stuff including a really nice carving set, an omelet pan and some salmon rub. This entry was posted in Uncategorized on January 23, 2004 by Princess. About Princess Princess Sierra Financial Domination, Findom, Female Supremacy. View all posts by Princess → paypig In the realm of BDSM, a paypig is a submissive, almost always male, who has consented to financial servitude towards his Mistress. Term used in a light, usually by Mistresses. derogatory/humiliating My paypig bought me a $500 pair of heels today after I demanded him to. by DirkD January 20, 2007 1956 y f 362 FLAG


The slang term continued to spread online over the following years, slowly increasing in prevalence. On December 30th, 2009, an unknown Redditor[4] posted to /r/IAmA saying, "IAMA recovering member of the erotic financial domination circuit. I would pay women on cam to take from me. It nearly destroyed my life. AMA." The post received an unknown number of upvotes and over 200 comments in 13 years.

On April 17th, 2015, Sam Hyde posted a Facebook[5] status that notably contained the word "paypig." The line read, "They have a gun that launches a net that traps you and sissifies you live on webcam like a paypig." The post gathered over 400 likes in eight years (seen below).

Sam Hyde 17 April 2015. Have you seen the SWAT ambulances rolling around? Next time you hear ambulance sirens, it's probably one of those new SWAT ambulances... in the back instead of healing medical equipment, they're loaded to the brim with elite shock troopers and deadly lethal disabling govermint gear. Pulse rifles and other UNATCO-only top-secret de-rezzing gear that will turn you into pixels. They have a gun that launches a net that traps you and sissifies you live on webcam like a paypig. They have a special type of grenade that when it goes off near you, your opinions become invalidated and you are immediately ashamed of yourself. SWAT teams disguised as helpful saviors. MRAPs painted red and white like some PeeWee Herman freak-show. Electric batons designed by ASIAN mad scientists that freeze time so ten hours worth of electrocution can be felt (by you) in .3 seconds. The JXY-575 protheon serum dart MKI was designed to make it's victim gay. Unfortunately this was found to actually increase the pleasure and fulfillment of it's recipient and make things better and cooler, better fashion sense and taste in music all around. And so the MKII unit was designed, with the intent of making it's victim's nature oscillate between masculine and feminine at a rate of two full rotations per day, leaving them in a state of constant questioning as to their sexual preference. These darts are reserved for special targets, MGTOWs mostly but also anybody who knows what Building 7 is even as an ironic joke. They get the dart. Next time you see an ambulance roll by, they're not on their way to help a person in need, they're on their way to shut down dissidents and you might be next. 450 53 comments 35 shares

On June 7th, 2021, Twitter[6] user @flamencolambada posted a tweet about recruiting a paypig, gathering over 24,000 likes in two years (seen below, left). On February 6th, 2021, Twitter[7] user @Demi_theynd posted a tweet about an academic discussing paypigs, gathering over 5,600 likes in a year (seen below, right).

11:25 jacques a potential paypig // why I need to move back into my own flat ASAP 11:32 @flamencolambada How do I know you're not a catfish 11:29 Ooooh I can take a pic with a household item of your choosing? Bottle of bleach I dunno 6:37 AM Jun 7, 2021 11:26 MESSAGES Mum Why have you just taken the bleach into your bedroom?! 844 Retweets 57 Quotes 24K Likes 146 Bookmarks now : Trans Moleman, street estrogen junkie @Demi_theynd "The dude who invented the modern understanding of cults could only watch sissy hypno p--- in twenty second chunks to avoid becoming a paypig" is something that will never stop being funny to me, if only because the wider societal implications are horrifying None So Arch-Vile @deportablediz Feb 6, 2022 how the f--- did I miss THIS?? @CultExpert - 5 Ja >sional and some ved 12 detransitio d mind control. S me links to 1/4 4:02 PM. Feb 6, 2022 IV24 AGULIvaid ★ watulival v JUI ZUZU Isn't hypno p--- a fictional dramatization of the fetish of mind control? Or are you saying that there are p--- videos designed to hypnotize people? 22 2 Steven Hassan, PhD @CultExpert 50 1,003 Retweets 26 Quotes 5,645 Likes 249 Bookmarks ↑ Replying to @xeoncat I am saying that when I watched some of these, my finger was on the pause every few seconds or so- I know myself and when I watch cult leader videos, or listen to audios, I need to stay "meta" and not get avalad in munalf :

Various Examples

shoe @shoe nhead whats the opposite of a findom called when people pay you to mock you. because that is the relationship between me and my patrons. every day this s---. shoe i am not a futa im like a barbie doll theres nothing there 130 Retweets Wyvern, CEO of Death... Today at 12:07 AM no June, you cant be barbie. Barbie is a talented woman who has every job that exists. You dropped out of college 1:48 AM · Dec 10, 2020 : 2 Quotes 7,305 Likes 69 Bookmarks After payday: After a Findom drain: Google what organs do humans not need Mistress dominate me THAT SOUNDS GREAT! HERE'S MY RATE I LOVE HONEY! subs who don't pay BUT You KNOW WHAT I DON'T LOVE? 10 GOOD BOY SENT GODDESS O SON Nirai Yamada, a so-called "paypig" whose raison d'être is getting recogni- tion by shower- ing vtubers in super chats. I'm glad I spent my salary on this.

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