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Inside Gaming is a brand by the company Machinima. Originally a Halo exclusive show under the name Inside Halo and later video game news show on the Machinima main YouTube channel, it later branched out into its own multimedia conglomerate that covers gameplay, live action skits, Q&As, podcasts, reviews, and previews. On January 27th, 2015, the original Inside Gaming crew announced that they would be leaving Machinima and later officially join Rooster Teeth under the new name Funhaus.


Inside Halo

On October 10th, 2007, Inside Halo was launched on the Machinima website and later on the Machinima YouTube channel Hosted by sodagod (Mike Rouse) and thedeadpixel (Adam Kovic), the show covered Halo-related news with skits between segments utilizing Halo to represent the hosts. The show ran for 30 episodes. On February 9th, 2009, Adam Kovic announced the relaunch of the show into Inside Gaming, which would from then on cover news and segments from all video games. Mike Rouse would no longer co-host.

Inside Gaming

On February 22nd, 2009, the first episode of Inside Gaming was released. The show retained its utilization of Halo in order to represent its hosts, but no longer strictly adhered to Halo-related news and instead the video game industry in general. It was primarily hosted by Adam Kovic. Later episodes would abandon Inside Halo's format in favor of live action and direct comedy.

Youtube Channel

While created in June 2008, the Inside Gaming channel began uploading content on March 24th, 2013 covering 2013 PAX East. From there, the channel began uploading daily content; primarily gameplay, live action skits, podcasts, and reviews. As of January 2015, the channel had garnered more than 700,000 subscribers.

Departure from Machinima and Forming Funhaus

On January 27th, 2015, The Inside Gaming crew announced that they would leave Machinima. The news of their departure was reported by several gaming news sites. The crew's last daily episode aired on January 30th as a farewell to the company.

On February 5th, 2015, The crew announced that they would be joining Rooster Teeth as part of the new West Coast branch under the name Funhaus. The Channel began uploading content on February 16th, 2015.

Return of Inside Gaming

On April 2nd, 2015, The Inside Gaming Twitter account tweeted that they would be making an announcement the following week, followed by a confirmation of the announcement the next day.

On April 9th, 2015, The Inside Gaming Youtube Channel uploaded a video announcing the return of the show along with former IG Co-host Matt Dannevik.

On the same day, Matt posted an AMA on /r/insidegaming where he answered questions regarding the revival of the channel[6].

The Inside Gaming Crew

The Main Crew

As of 2015, Phil Jasicki was the only member of the original crew to not leave the company with the rest of the team. On April 9th, 2015, former IG daily co-host Matt Dannevik confirmed that he would return to host the daily news segments.

Former Crew Members

- Rob Smith
- Esmeralda Portillo
- Landon Robinson
- Brian P. Rubin
- John Yniguez
- Miguel Concepcion
- Chris Hudas
- Adam Kovic – Co-Founder and oldest member of the crew.
- Bruce Greene
- James Willems
- Lawrence Sonntag
- Sean "Spoole" Poole
- Joel Rubin
- Matt Peake

Episode Samples

Steam Roulette

Steam Roulette is a series of the IG crew playing random games on Steam using Steam Roulette. Certain games such as Chaser and The Sims 3 would branch out into their own gameplay series.

GTAIV Mod Gameplay

GTAIV Mod Gameplay is a series where the crew would play a heavily modded Grand Theft Auto IV, often resulting in the game becoming unstable and prone to crashing. The show is notable for featuring guest stars from the video game industry such as Jason Zumwalt (The voice of Roman Bellic in GTAIV) and Oliver Vaquer (The voice of Robert Lutece in Bioshock Infinite). It is currently the most watched series, with its most popular video having more than 1,500,000 views as of 2015.

Drunk Series

The Drunk Series is a gameshow where the crew would play a specific game that was handpicked and place certain rules where the participants must take shots (ie : One death while playing Dark Souls equals one shot) which usually resulted in the crew becoming intoxicated.

Force Quit

Force Quit is a live action mockumentary series detailing the daily lives of the Inside Gaming crew working on Machinima. The series would become notable due to its low view count, becoming a joke among the crew.


The inside Gaming Podcast is a weekly podcast show where the Inside Gaming crew talk about events in the video game industry and provide commentary on the subject. Though originally the format involved the crew speaking together face to face, later episodes involved them simultaneously playing video games.

The Movie: The Game

The Movie: The Game is a series in which the crew would watch videogame cutscenes and criticize the flaws and plotholes of said scenes, similar to the format of MST3K.


The Q&A is a weekly segment where the IG crew would answer questions submitted to them by the community on the IG subreddit.

GTA Online Gameplay

GTA Online Gameplay is a series where the crew play matches on GTA Online. Originally beginning as a challenge series similar to the Imaginary Achievements series on Achievement Hunter, it later involved basic online matches. The crew would often play alongside members of the fanbase, prominently Nate, Turbid, Katybacon, Jessicore, Sizzle, and others.

Online Popularity

Before their departure from Machinima, The Inside Gaming YouTube channel had garnered more than 700,000 subscribers with their videos having a regular view count of more than 200,000[2]. In early 2013, /r/insidegaming was created by former crew member Jaysagus which by 2015 had 20.000 users or "actors"[3]. The Inside Gaming Twitter account[4] which was created on april 2009 has since gain more than 178.000 followers while their Facebook page[5] has more than 113.000 likes.


Inside Gaming is often criticized for using clickbait-style thumbnails and titles for their videos. On October 30th, 2014, Inside Gaming uploaded a podcast video titled "Xbox One VS PS4: CONSOLE WAR" in which they address why they use clickbait for their videos.

Like Skyrim with Guns

Like Skyrim with Guns is a memorable quote from Inside Gaming's Adam Kovic comparing the open world first-person shooter game Far Cry 3 with the action role-playing game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which was widely mocked by the online gaming community.

FARCRY Like Skyrim with guns Machinima IN STORES DECEMBER 4,2012

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