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Angry Joe (or Joe Vargas) [1] is a YouTube celebrity who is associated with video gaming reviews and at times, the Let's Play genre on YouTube similar to Jon Tron.

Joe Vargas was born on June 18, 1984. He is an actor, writer, producer, director, editor, comedian and film critic. In his review series he generally wears a Superman t-shirt and white lined jacket over it, consisting of his trademark attire. For his reviews however, he gathers costumes and props to help make the review more special/entertaining. These will fit the topic or game concept that he is ranting about.

Early Career

After a few e-mail and forum conversations about "Top Reasons this Game will Kick Ass/Suck" videos with Doug Walker, his videos were added to the review series on ThatGuyWithTheGlasses gaming.[4]

In 2010 Channel Awesome launched a new website called Blistered Thumbs and put Joe at the top of it. However, since Blistered Thumbs ended, Joe has launched his own "website", which created a community of gamers and clans for a variety of games.[5]

Meetups And E3 Interwievs

Need an expert

Angry Joe and Asalieri Controversy

Need an expert

Angry Joe vs Nintendo

Due to fans complaining that Joe only sticks with Xbox and PC for games he decided to purchase a Wii U. Nintendo not wanting to share ad revenue with people who are not a part of the Nintendo Creators Program would get their videos taken down if they had any gameplay. Joe is not a part of this program and as a result, his livestreams of Mario Kart 8 and Mario Party 10 were taken down. Furious, Joe decided that he would never make another video related to Nintendo including reviews. This mark was both praised and mocked at by members of the YouTube community. Praise for not bowing down to the Creators Program, but mocked because Joe knew better than to try and post Nintendo content without being a part of the program.

Running Gags and Concepts

The Corporate Commander

The "Angry Joe" concept has an antagonist called "Corporate Commander"[6] who symbolizes the "corruption of the gaming industry".
As a parody of Cobra Commander, Corporate Commander wears a metal mask, dark cloak, gray suit, blue helmet and white gloves. He generally shows up to represent greedy game firms that try to earn more money from the customers by fabricating similar or unstudied game concepts. These concepts include Day 1 DLC, short game length, rushed launches, On-Disc DLC, Season Passes, and the Free-to-Play model.


In June 15, Angry Joe published his new channel trailer with Doug Walker's contribution via singing.


This gag is one of the Joe's commonplace criticisms of games. He uses this to emphasize his fury at games that are not giving players enough content for the price.

Demon Joe

Demon Joe is the evil version of Joe originating from his Dragon Age: Origins review. Throughout the review series, Demon Joe has tried to get rid of Joe in various ways, including taking over his own body. He is characterized by his demonic voice and evil laugh.

Other Joe

Other Joe is one of Vargas' real life friends. He shows up in reviews in costume much like Joe does. Other Joe is one of the people who will do co-op playthroughs of games. Unfortunately for him, he also gets stuck with playing some really bad ones like Kane and Lynch 2 or movie tie-ins. Other Joe also assists with editing the videos. It is often joked around that Other Joe is trying to take over the show for himself and on April 1st, 2015 the Other Joe Show was born.

Notable Videos


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Joe is a great reviewer, I generally agree with what he says (not always), and he can be really funny. There are some meme-worthy content, but very little.


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