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Mother's Basement is the YouTube channel of Canadian anime vlogger Geoff Thew. Since debuting on YouTube in 2015, Thew has gained over 1.33 million subscribers with lengthy video essays on various topics related to anime, including reviews of current anime seasons, analyses of anime tropes, and analyses of OPs.


Geoff Thew joined YouTube as "Mother's Basement" on March 26th, 2015.[1] He began his channel with his "What's In an OP?" series, in which he gives in-depth analyses of anime opening credits scenes. The first of these, comparing the OPs of Baccano! and Durarara!!, gained over 238,000 views in eight years (shown below, left). His earliest extant video to crack a million views was about Your Lie in April, posted June 7th, 2015, which gained over 1.4 million views in eight years (shown below, right).

Over the following years, several of his most popular videos concerned Sword Art Online. Four of his five most popular videos as of August 2023 concern the franchise (example shown below, left). To date, his most popular video concerns the "Potato Chip" scene from Death Note, which was posted on October 20th, 2017 and gained over 4.5 million views in six years (shown below, right).

Online Presence

In addition to having 1.3 million YouTube subscribers,[1] Thew has 85,000 followers on Twitter. [2] He is also active on Patreon, where has 850 subscribers.[3] He also has a Wiki[4] and a page on TV Tropes.[5]

He is generally well-liked by the anime community on YouTube. On April 3rd, 2023, a thread in Reddit's /r/animecirclejerk[6] found people voicing mostly positive opinions about Mother's Basement with commenters praising his humor and thoughtfulness compared to other anime YouTubers, even if they disagreed with his opinions. On January 17th, 2019, a thread on MyAnimeList[7] sought answers for why some people dislike Mother's Basement, but received mostly rebuttals of criticisms levied at Mother's Basement from Kiwi Farms users who disagreed with his politics.

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Top Comments

John Doe2103
John Doe2103

I mean, I dislike him because he's a damn moron and a hypocrite.

As an SAO fan, I'm fine with people dunking on the series, and there are other content creators I watch who do just that.
But not only he is unprofessionally rude when it comes to the series, its fans, and its author, so many of his points are just:

Step 1: Completely misunderstand a scene
Step 2: Complain that the scene doesn't make sense
Step 3: Blame it on the author

Like that one time that he complained that Kirito having such a strong healing skill in episode 4,"four months into the game" doesn't make sense and proves that the game is poorly designed…even though every episode shows the date clearly, and if you paid attention, you'd realise that scene takes place 16 months into the game…

The fact that the anime community still takes him seriously is half the reason I don't take the community seriously.


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