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OMOCAT is the creator of the indie video game OMORI, as well as a virtual YouTuber that goes by the same name. OMOCAT is known for their webcomics Omoriboy, Pretty Boy and the RPG video game OMORI. OMOCAT made their VTuber debut in June 2023 with a green-haired avatar that has cat ears. OMOCAT has previously come under controversy for merchandise that used the word "shota," a term that is used akin to the way one may use the word loli.

Online History

OMOCAT is best known as the creator of the indie RPG video game OMORI, as well as various other comics, including Pretty Boy. OMORI is a psychological horror game originally derived from OMOCAT's previous comics, which was originally published starting August 2011 (shown below, left).[1] Pretty Boy is another comic drawn by OMOCAT, depicting a romance between two boys. The comic was originally published on OMOCAT's blog in November 2013 (shown below, bottom).[2]


Shota Shirt Controversy

On November 17th, 2013, OMOCAT released two shirts as merchandise promoting both Pretty Boy and OMORI. One of the shirts showed the titular character from OMORI, a canonically 12-year-old boy, with the word "Shota" written under him.[3]

NOVEMBER 17TH, 2013 SHOTA yup OMO CAT two new shirts coming soon hopefully sometime next month 4,773 NOTES PRETTY BOY OMOCAT OMO CAT OMOCAT SHOTA PRETTY BOY

The controversy around the Shota shirt was exacerbated by older tweets from OMOCAT, including a November 21st, 2013, tweet in which they said they "love little boys" (seen below, left).[4] Soon after receiving backlash over the Shota shirt, on April 11, 2014, OMOCAT posted a tweet defending their use of the term (seen below, right).[5]

OMO OMOCAT @_omocat hi just to be clear i love little boys and no that is not strange because i was little girl not too long ago 5:05 PM - 21 Nov 2013 Follow 1 Retweet 11 Likes OMO OMOCAT @_omocat Follow shota isnt exclusively erotic; i'm not a p--------, nor an ableist, nor a scammer, nor a racist, so stop calling me those things 1:58 PM - 11 Apr 2014 10 Retweets 66 Likes

OMOCAT later went on to post an apology acknowledging their misuse of the term, saying that they were not cognizant of the word's sexual connotations.[6]


On February 13th, 2021, OMOCAT took to their Twitter[7] to post the earliest known rendition of their VTuber avatar. The post gathered over 20,000 likes in two years (seen below, left). OMOCAT also frequently does merch collaborations with Hololive, a VTuber agency (seen below, right).[8]

OMOCAT OMO CAT @_omocat omocat?? >>> **RRI 10:27 PM. Feb 13, 2021 ****** OFF! 福 Serere de OMO LTM a 2,503 Retweets 100 Quotes 22K Likes 701 Bookmarks OMO : OMO As OMOCAT @_omocat OMOCAT x hololive Meet -- coming 12.16.22 @ 5PM PST #hololive Meet #hololiveEN #hololivelD カリオペ IRYS ハコス・ベールズ アーニャ・メルフィック 8:00 PM Dec 14, 2022 . 九十九位者 Year גבל パヴェリア・レイネ Omo xhelolive Meet" セレス・ファウナ ームーナ・ホシノグ KAPE- $58-66 アイラニ・イオフィフティーン カエラ・コヴァルスキア 1,273 Retweets 145 Quotes 8,401 Likes 182 Bookmarks 2016 COVER Corp. ⒸOHOCAT, LLC. ワトソン・アメリア BAK クレイジー・リー : こぼかえる

On June 9th, 2023, OMOCAT posted their VTuber debut to their YouTube[9] channel, gathering over 150,000 views in over a month (seen below).


As of July 2023, Omocat has gathered over 37,000 followers on Twitch,[14] 230,000 followers on YouTube,[15] 390,000 followers on Twitter[16] and 290,000 followers on Instagram.[17]

Online Presence

On August 3rd, 2021, YouTuber[10] Guwi posted a video titled, "Separating OMOCAT from OMORI," gathering over 200,000 views in two years (seen below).

In July 2023, OMOCAT's past controversies resurfaced on Twitter after commentators began comparing their faults to Toby Fox, the creator of the indie RPG game Undertale. On July 8th, 2023, Twitter[11] user @spidergyatt posted a tweet about OMOCAT that gathered over 22,000 likes in two weeks (seen below, left). Twitter user[12] @sockaki_ posted a tweet on July 12th using the Ambatukam meme, gathering over 3,000 likes in two weeks (seen below, right).

1252 DMO gwen @spidergyatt OMOCAT @_omocat • 9h . BOOOORIIIIIIIIING miles @mileshasteeth - 1d definitely my favorite ship dynamic!! Show this thread both consent legal adults + not related 12:22 AM. Jul 8, 2023 · 940.8K Views 2,258 Retweets 335 Quotes 22.6K Likes 932 Bookmarks andrew @sockaki_ "think about the children!" omocat: 1:04 AM. Jul 12, 2023 · 61.9K Views 415 Retweets 12 Quotes 3,335 Likes 158 Bookmarks :

On July 14th, 2023, Twitter[13] user @invaderpokey posted a tweet that read, "omocat vs toby fox debate," and showed a drawing comparing both of the artist's controversies. The post gathered over 66,000 likes in a week (seen below).

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This is parody lavels of stupid.

When people say "People digging someone's 10 year old Tweets to try to cancel them" they are exagerating because no one expects people to be that petty.

If this is the worst recent thing they can dig up about her. Then all I see is someone being somewhat edgy AT WORST

The biggest problem I see is that she is the creator of a pretty known indie game, so one would expect her to NOT risk it with this kind of humour or comments.

Trying to push the narrative that she is a pedophile doesn't help actual victims, nor it punish actual pedophiles.


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