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STAR_, Star Underscore or Niichts (real name Steve Serge) is a YouTube lets player and professional gamer and commentator, famous for his skills on the multiplayer FPS, Team Fortress 2, as well as videos of the game using the "The Market Gardener" weapon, other type of content include extreme modding of games such as GTA IV, co-op commentaries with other lets players such as Jerma985 [1] and Boo[2] and comedic gameplay videos.

Online History


Star_ uploaded his first video on Jan 22, 2011 in his channel "Niichts" titled "Being Careful: Team Fortress 2 [Tips]" (Shown below left) consisting of general tactics for playing team fortress 2, as well as another video on the same day about class basics and selection titled "Class Selection & Basics: Team Fortress 2 [Tips]" (shown below right).


Star_ continued to post more videos of him playing Team Fortress 2. Star_'s videos became known for antics and unusual gameplay, playing with irregular loadouts, binding "s" to explode, gameplay on modded servers and showing his market gardener skills, as well as co-op gameplays with lets player Jerma985.

His more popular video showcases him playing drunk as the player type soldier as he kills snipers using the suicide taunt of the "Equalizer"[3] combined with the glitch[4] to not die by said taunt, as well as other unusual occurrences that happen server, the video was uploaded on May 2, 2012 and currently it has 2,328,526 views and 29,917 likes.


Jerma, also known as Jerma985, is a lets player and friend of Star_. Often the two post videos of them playing a variety of games together on their different channels.

On June 26, 2013 Star_ uploaded a video titled "TF2: Ruiner of Fun"(shown below left) in which Star_, disguising as a normal player, interrupts a video shooting by Jerma by killing him multiple times upsetting him, the series continued with a sequel titled "TF2: Jerma is Mad pt. 2" (shown below right) following the same formula of upsetting him.


Basically are a series of videos by star in which he plays and snarky comments on heavily edited gameplay of video games of his choosing, most of the time butchering the main story-line for comedy purposes.

ster 2

ster 2 is a secondary Youtube channel to Star_, and is often used to upload shorter videos or content that is easier to produce.[6] The channel also features content from Star_'s livestream on Twitch.[7]

Personal Life

Not much is known about Steve Sarge's personal life other than he was born in New Jersey and currently lives in Boston. He makes a living out of gaming through gameplay videos and professional matches, The Boston Globe wrote an article talking about Star_'s live as a professional gamer and the living he makes off it[7].

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