Vox Day / Theodore Beale

Vox Day / Theodore Beale

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Theodore Beale, known better by his pen name Vox Day is an American journalist, blogger, science-fiction author and philosopher.

Beale came under public scrutiny after publishing his 2009 paper "There Is No Marital Rape", in which he states that rape between married persons is impossible[1]. He reasoned that marriage acts as a permanent display of consent, and may only be revoked through divorce.

Vox Popoli

Named for the Biblical phrase Vox popoli, vox dei, Vox Popoli is Beale's blog and primary publishing outlet. The site currently ranks 7,104 in most visited domain within the United States, and has accumulated upwards of three million views in 2014.

Alexa Traffic Ranks How is this site ranked relative to other sites? Global Rank 38,51049,692 20k Rank in United States ⑦ 40k 60k 80k alexa.cO 7,104 Oct Jan Jul How engaged are visitors to voxday.blogspot.com? Bounce Rate Daily Pageviews per Visiton Daily Time on Site 58.40% 2.01 6:56 2.00% ▼ 8.22% ▼ 4.00%


Beale is a proponent of the philosophy of racial realism, which states that one's race directly correlates with their ability to think and create. At the top of the proverbial pyramid are white persons, with black persons at the bottom, with Hispanics, aboriginals and Asians forming strata in between.[3]

Additionally, he holds that, second to women's suffrage[1], atheism and autism are the greatest causes of moral degradation in the Western world. He asserts that the two are one and the same, controversially stating "the anti-religious socially autistic crusaders[…] simply cannot understand that your religious beliefs, whatever they might be, are no legitimate concern of theirs. High Church atheism may be little more than a mental disorder taking the form of literal autism."[2]

On the game industry

Beale is an outspoken critic of women in video games, both as characters and as developers. In his proposal for First Sword, a gladitorial fighting game featuring orcs and trolls, he asserts that the game will not include any female characters to preserve the game's historical plausibility[4]. His reasoned "women cannot credibly fight as gladiators. We don't put women in the game for the same reason we don't put bunny rabbits or children in the game." He further stated that female gamers are a non-existent demographic and should not be given serious thought in developing games[4].

Beale suggested the proper solution to the Gamergate crisis is to counter-attack the movement's critics with threats and vulgarity[5]. His suggested "we have to punch back twice as hard. Trash back twice as hard. They're not used to it. They can't take it. They freak out when we simply point out the observable fact that Zoe Quinn aka Chelsea Van Valkenburg is a slut, and, allegedly, a whore."[5]


Beale's most famous work, The Irrational Atheist, declared expressed atheism to be directly in conflict with science and the natural world. The book received praise from Christian publishers, particularly the National Review.

Beale served as a lifetime member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and ran for president of the organization in 2013. After failing to secure the popular vote, he was defeated by incumbent John Scalzi. In response, Beale hijacked the organization's Twitter account and expressed his desire to expel African-American and women members, calling particular attention to fellow member N. K. Jemisin, whom he called "an educated, but ignorant half-savage"[10]. He was promptly expelled from the guild[6].

In 2014, Beale's short story Opera Vita Aeterna was Hugo Award nominated for Best Novelette. The novelette came in sixth place out of five stories, losing 855-1232 to a placeholder entry.[7]

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>rape between married persons is impossible
>explicit supporter of white superemecy
>atheism and autism are the greatest causes of moral degradation in the Western world
>an educated, but ignorant half-savage

It's like /pol/ became a person.


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