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W.T. Snacks

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W.T. Snacks was a former coder and moderator on the imageboard 4chan. Snacks was a controversial member of the site, and was eventually fired by moot; this was, however, not before leaving an impact on the site.

Internet Presence

Snacks first became a mod on 4chan in 2004 after being brought on as a coder for the site.[1] He was responsible for rewriting various aspects of the Futallaby software 4chan ran on to include numerous features such as replying with images.[6] After some time on the site, he ignited controversy for his banning policies, where he would often ban users for minor misdemenors while allowing illegal or otherwise rule-breaking material to continue to be posted. Snacks was eventually demodded by moot, who cited his seeming irresponsibility as the reason for letting him go.[2] Snack's return was teased by a video during 4chan's panel at Otakon 2006; however, nothing came out of this.

Snacks runs an Internet radio program named Midnight Snacks, which showcases obscure Japanese music releases.[3] He has maintained a Twitter account since October 2010.[5]

Notable Submemes


Snacks-tan is the online personification of Snacks during his time as a major 4chan mod. She is often drawn as a young girl with blonde pigtails and wearing a white shirt and blue skirt. Despite Snacks' inactivity on the site for almost a decade, Snacks-tan continues to appear on 4chan in banners and other locations on the website, usually those relating to bans and suspensions, as well as on Snacks' Twitter account banner.

Bring Back Snacks

Bring Back Snacks was an unsuccessful campaign created by 4chan users in order to reinstate Snacks as a moderator.[4] The campaign was started after a fraction of the website responded negatively to moot's decision to ban certain kinds of threads that were seen as unoriginal.

Operation: Bring Back Snacks Lets all face it, /b/ sucks.. and neeys a mod tha can stick it to the cancer Step 1: Flood /b/ and all other boards with WAT Snacks Posters and Demand an admin of chemo proportions. Kee the Threads Bumped

Fukken Saved

Fukken Saved became associated with Snacks after the creation of an MS Paint webcomic in which Snacks is portrayed as slacking on his job as a moderator by saving child pornography to his computer instead of deleting it.


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