Perfect and Ultimate Getter

Perfect and Ultimate Getter

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Perfect and Ultimate Getter (Japanese: 完璧で究極のゲッター, Kanpeki de Kyūkyoku no Getter), also called "You're A Perfect and Ultimate Getter" (君は完璧で究極のゲッター), is a phrase inspired by the similarity of the anime opening theme song "Idol" for the 2023 TV anime Oshi no Ko and another song, "STORM," for the 2000-2001 original animated videos for the Getter Robo series Shin Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo.[1] In the Spring of 2023, this phrase made of combining the lyrics of these two songs inspired many crossover parody videos and illustrations on Twitter, Pixiv and video-sharing services.


On April 12th, 2023, the Japanese pop music duo Yoasobi[2] published the official music video for their song "Idol," which featured footage from Oshi No Ko, on both YouTube (shown below, left) and Niconico.[3] Meanwhile, the first chapter of the OAV Shin Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo was released in November 2000, in which Japanese "anisong" band JAM Project[4] produced the opening theme song "STORM" (below, right). In the 2023 online trend, viewers noticed the similarity of their choruses, sparking the trend.

Lrycis (Transcript and Translation)

"Idol" (0:55-)
誰もが目を奪われていく 君は完璧で究極のアイドル
(Daremo ga Me wo Ubawareteku Kimi wa Kanpeki de Kyūkyoku no Idol!)
Dazzling everone's eyes, You're a perfect and ultimate idol

"STORM" (0:55-)
熱き怒りの嵐を抱いて 戦うために 飛び出せ ゲッター
(Atsuki Ikari no Arashi wo Daite Tatakau Tameni Tobidase Getter!)
Embracing the storm of hot rage, Fly out to fight, Getter!


According to Nico Nico Pedia[5] and Pixiv Encyclopedia[6], some anime viewers soon noticed the chorus part in "Idol" was similar to "STORM" and mentioned it on SNS or in comments of the Niconico video just after the video's upload. Inspired by those online reactions, Twitter user @9LOAtu47Ey7sI6s (輝²(てるてる)) and Niconico user Gerbera Zwiebel uploaded videos of a mashup of these songs on April 19th (shown below) and 26th[7], respectively. This helped spread the phrase "Perfect and Ultimate Getter," a combination of the two song's lyrics. The former video tweet had earned over 330k retweets and 660k likes while being played over 1.2 million times until its first two weeks. These viral hit videos led to following mashups with other songs and crossover parodies increasing on Twitter, Niconico,[8] Nico Nico Seiga,[9] Pixiv[10] and YouTube.[11]

On May 4th, the official Twitter account of Yoasobi reacted to this trend by retweeting a video tweet with the Robot emoji, in which audiences at an outdoor dance music stage in Nikufes held on that day were dancing to this mashup (shown below).

The online glossaries explained that this phrase, which came about by accident, caught the heated attention of fans of the cult-following mecha title because it aligned perfectly with the concept of "Getter Rays."[12] This fictional cosmic ray radiation is a prominent entity in the Getter Robo series and possesses ultimate power, influencing the evolution of lives and even the universe.

Precursor: "Changing into XX while None Realizes It" Series

On Niconico, some precursors assisted the spread of the phrase and its parodies. A similar parody video series called "Changing into XX while None Realizes It" (全く気付かないうちに○○になるシリーズ)[13], started on Niconico in early 2014, includes many videos in which two different songs roughly combine at a similar segment. "Zenryoku☆Shangli-La!" (全力☆Shangli-La!) is the most successful one in this series, featuring songs "Shangli-La" from the 2016 TV anime Fafner in the Azure: The Beyond[14] and "Zenryoku☆Summer!" (全力☆Summer!) from the 2017 TV anime Aho-Girl.[15] The most-viewed video for this mashup (shown below) had played over 3 million times within its first six months. The Japanese musical band Angela,[16] who composed and sang both songs, approved of this user-made mashup and sometimes performed it in their concerts in the late 2010s, according to the online glossary.[17]

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The line between Mechs and Idols has always been a fine one, thanks to Macross…
As someone who left this site around 5 years ago, about fucking time someone researched the Japanese side of memes. If you're gonna be continuing doing Japanese meme research, look up Broly MADs, funny videos staring Broly and everyone in his movie. It's actually fascinating


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