Persona 5 Battle Menu Parodies

Persona 5 Battle Menu Parodies

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PERSONA 銃を構える スキルを使う アイテムを使う


Persona 5 Battle Menu Parodies refers to an exploitable photoshop meme featuring the in-game battle menu from the role-playing video game Persona 5 superimposed over a variety of other base images.


On April 4th, 2017, Persona 5 was released worldwide, featuring a turn-based battle system in which player can perform different actions by selecting from several markers placed around each character (shown below).

昌きする合辟 LV し2 OSWORD 251 11S 81 104 192 C8

On April 8th, 2017, YouTuber Euphemism for Magic[2] uploaded a Just Give 'Em One of These parody videos featuring the Persona 5 battle user interface, which gained over 240,000 views and 380 comments over the next four days.


On the same day, Twitter user @broken_loose[3] reposted YouTuber Euphemism for Magic's parody. On April 9th, 2017, Twitter user @Brento_Bento[4] posted a photoshop featuring an image from the Super Mario Bros. cartoon with the Persona 5 menu (shown below, left). On April 11th, Tumblr user HANDSOMEZACK[5] posted a photoshop featuring a child wielding a water pistol, which went on to receive over 9,000 notes in less than 24 hours (shown below, right).

作戦を指示する PERSONA L2 スキルを使う ITEM アイテムを使う(O 銃を構える) APERS スキル アイテムを使う⑥

That same day, Kotaku[6] published an article titled "Persona 5 Menus Make Everything Better," highlighting several notable examples of the photoshop meme. Meanwhile, Mic[7] published an article titled "The Funniest Battle Menu Parodies From Around the Net."

Various Examples

し2 GUN PERSONA 銃を構える スキルを使う アイテムを使う (kills y u in Spa ish] @TMSWORD 、i @gnARD 作戦を指示する し2 近接武器で攻撃 ON し2 スキ SWORD アイテムを使う 銃を構える 近接武器で攻撃 Trust me, Kramer, Given the legal opportunity, I willkiyou
si bon ! _ si vite, sibd PAS PERSONA し2 Use a Skill Take Aim Defend Yourself し2 スキルを使う 銃を構える US590008 GN GUN 銃を構える 銃を構える 銃を構える. 銃を構える GUN、 銃を構える 2


CRDER2Ose PERSONA GUN スキルを使う OITEM アイ払を使う 銃を構える

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