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Poasting (Slang)

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Poasting refers to a misspelling of the word "posting" as seen in other chanspeak words like moar. The slang term refers to the act of posting something on the internet and was prevalently used on 4chan before becoming common on other sites like iFunny and Twitter. The term poasting also carries connotations of posting for the sake of posting, not unlike shitposting.


The earliest known use of the word "poasting" appears in a November 12th, 2006, Urban Dictionary[1] definition for the term "/b/tard," in reference to 4chan's /b/ board (seen below, left). A November 4th, 2007, entry on Urban Dictionary[2] defines "poasting" as "The act of posting on a message board in an obnoxious and pointless manner" (seen below, right).

/b/tard One who joins other internet superheroes in the poasting of content on /b/. A true /b/tard knows all the memes of the land and is disgusted by nothing. A true hardened warrior. 7chan, 4chan, iichan, 12chan, that crazy russian /b/. It doesn't matter. We are one. Anonymous does not forgive. Anonymous does not forget. We are legion. We are Anonymous. y f "Holy titanic hermaphroditic shitting dick nipples Cock Mongler, I must be a /b/tard." by Conductor Cat November 12, 2006 1246 676 FLAG poasting The act of posting on a message board in an obnoxious and pointless manner using terms such as "lulz", "n00b" or "fagz". Used as a form of humor. posting spamming post spam Jesus, this thread is 10 pages of nothing but poasting by Darkstar and Begs. Say something of importance for once. by guitarguy9 November 4, 2007 26 12 FLAG

The earliest accessible posts on 4chan using the term "poasting" can be traced back to 2010 in /tv/ and /tg/ boards.[3][4][5]


On January 13th, 2015, Twitter[6] user @LuiCalibre posted a tweet using the word "poasting," gathering over 270 likes in eight years (seen below, left). On November 29th, 2018, Twitter[7] user @peepeeplayhouse posted a tweet using the word, gathering over 2,000 likes in five years (seen below, right).

Lui Calibre @LuiCalibre "wHy aRnt yew PoasTING a upload? WaNna lo$e uR faNs? ? ? AlSo rEtWeEt. dO iT 4 tHe faNs so I Ken say u do it 4 thE mOneY$$!" 11:02 AM Jan 13, 2015 76 Retweets 274 Likes

In 2017, Twitter user Bronze Age Pervert posted various tweets using the word "poasting."[8][9][10]

On March 9th, 2023, Twitter[11] user @QiaochuYuan posted a tweet that read, "you ever just wake up and start thinking about the reddit guy with the insane clown fetish who just 100% made his wildest dreams come true by poasting? what a champion," gathering over 4,000 likes in two months (seen below).

Various Examples

Horatius at the Gate @Hinterlanderr dis poast will determine fren and non fren gm 7:46 AM • Apr 29, 2023 62.9K Views . 92 Retweets 6 Quotes 1,621 Likes 9 Bookmarks scroll past : roon @tszzl I became dogshit at posting because I stopped taking adderall. poasting juice gone 4:49 AM. Apr 25, 2023 61.4K Views 8 Retweets 4 Quotes 752 Likes : 22 Bookmarks Bronze Age Pervert @bronzeagemantis Poasting my car to style on you God 5:01 PM . May 4, 2021 KARIN 54 Retweets 12 Quotes 834 Likes 27 Bookmarks PACK ... REF: P2W LAEKVE worrying abundance of cases where a poast could've been funny if it was posted by someone else Remaining poast schedule 1. "Why I am a Christian" text wall 2. Camera roll dump of iPolitics classics 3. Goodbye textwall I POAST MY FIZEEK ANYWHERE I WANT I DON'T HAVE TO MAKE A SEPARATE CHANNEL, LIKE YVO

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