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Rage Quit

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Rage Quit, also seen as RageQuit in one word, is Internet slang commonly used to describe the act of suddenly quitting a game or chatroom after either an argument, extreme frustration, or loss of the game.


The use of that slang is as old as IRC and chatrooms. The earliest Urban Dictionary definition of "Ragequit" became available on March 28th, 2005. However, nobody can be certain exactly when "Ragequit" was first coined. The entry describes "ragequitting" in the context of online gaming:

To stop playing a game out of an anger towards an event that transpired within the game.

ProRanDom kills NSPlayer with swipe
NSPlayer: F$#k! hacker!
NSPlayer has left the server
ProRanDom: haha RAGEQUIT!

In another definition submitted on August 15th, 2005, "ragequitting" is explained in the context of general online chat:

Quitting IRC/MSN/AOL or any other communication program in a 'rage'. Usually used when someone suddenly goes offline or when they first shout shunny language before quitting.

12:32 +(BiLl) Your such a newb
12:34 (Killah) fu you lame ass mongrel
12:34 Quit: (Killah)(X@uNique.on.EnterTheGame.Com) (Quit:)
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Online Gaming

Rage Quit is commonly used within online games in respect to angry players that quit the game. The phrase has even become official with game developers

Above: Rage Quit sound effect used in Quake 2. This sound effect has found its way to many Quake mods, including spawn of Quake mods. TF2 is a notable example.

Another notable example from TF2 is one of the Scout's domination quotes.

Yet another example in TF2 is the BarbeQueQ achievement, which requires a player to dominate a player as a Pyro and make them ragequit. Another achievement like this is Slash and Burn, which is awarded when a player kills another player as the Spy and they ragequit their current class and switch to Pyro.

More examples

  • In L4D, some servers will announce by text when someone rage quits.
  • Many online games record ragequits on their record in some way or another.
  • Some games have measures intended to make people ragequit. CoDMW2 has a Tactical Nuke which is awarded to a player with a Kill Streak of 25, which kills everyone on the map and declares the nuker as the winner. A nuke call is announced 10 seconds before it drops, giving players ample time to ragequit, which often happens.

At the same time, this principle, suddenly quitting and raging, has become a common practice among gamers who fear to lose a game.

From that point, mainly in FPS games, guilds and clans formed themselves with the "RageQuit" name, implying that they are so powerful that they can make their opponents ragequit from frustration. Many of these groups made their own website. One of the earliest instance available is RQ clan founded in 2003.

There are many more websites centered around other games:


Inside gaming communities, the RageQuit system is fairly criticized and explained in many articles and blogs:

Notable Examples

Zed Shaw's Rant

In 2007, Zed Shaw, creator of Mongrel which is a popular HTTP daemon/library, exposed a 6000+ word rant about the Ruby community and the Rails ecosystem, in an article entitled: Rails Is A Ghetto. A more detailed article with IRC quotes has been archived. Zed explained that his rant was "part of [his] grand exit strategy from the Ruby and Rails community".


One YTMND instance from 2005: * I RAGE QUIT THE INTERNET

Recently in 2009, an EventScripts user named Ojii created an addon script called Rage quit that allows you to have a peculiar sound playing when you ragequit. That funny soundbit can be found in .mp3 format here


On YouTube, as well as other video-streaming websites, it is not uncommon to find videos exposing people ragequitting from a game. For more examples, check out the videos section.

Image Macros

Starting in the beginning of December 2009, an Advice Dog spin-off called "RageQuit Reptar" was created on


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