Robin Holding a Whiteboard

Robin Holding a Whiteboard

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Robin Holding a Whiteboard is an exploitable image of Robin from season three of the Netflix original show Stranger Things holding up a whiteboard in a sassy manner.


On July 4th, 2019, Netflix released season three of Stranger Things. In the first episode of the season, Steve's coworker at Scoops Ahoy, Robin, shows off her tally on a whiteboard of how many times Steve fails to pick up a girl (shown below). The clip was uploaded to YouTube the next day by VolcusClips and received over 1,900 views in four days.


On July 6th, 2019, Redditors began editing the whiteboard to display different messages. Redditor Qu1ao posted an image regarding Pewdiepie's Minecraft videos to r/PewdiepieSubmissions[1] using the format (shown below, left). The post gained over 29,400 points (92% upvoted) in three days. The format was widely used on r/StrangerThings. On July 7th, Redditor okaayyoou posted an image to r/StrangerThings[2] claiming everyone cried during the finale (shown below, center). The post accumulated over 2,900 points (97% upvoted) in two days. The next day, silvholo posted an edit to Instagram[3] (shown below, right).

WE HAVE TO STOP ASKING FOR MINECRAFT VIDEOS AND LET PEWDS TAKE HIS PACE SO HE NEVER GETS BORED AND WE GET INFINITE MINECRAFT VIDEOS Ано Everybody cried in the season 3 finale AHOR What I'm aetually going expect me to do nok zeun Not a damn thing Everything

Various Examples

CAHON Will deserved more screen time in S3 AHIOR We can't blame Suzie for Hoppers and Billys deaths because she couldn't know that Dustin was serious about saving the world AHOR Deaths caused by Suzie Deaths caused by Russians opening the gate | HHH Aно Alexei winning the Woody Woodpecker was the most wholesome moment in all of season three prove me wrong Your theory that Hopper is alive is probably the same as everyone else's Ано it's murray's fault that hopper died, not suzies because he assumed he knew plancks constant


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[3] Instagram – Silvholo

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