Screamed the Stable Boy

Screamed the Stable Boy

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"Screamed the Stable Boy" is a memorable quote stemming from a chat conversation on the mobile messenger application Kik, in which a young man's hostile response to an erotic role play invitation is met with the clever retort "screamed the stable boy."


In April 2015, a screenshot of a Kik conversation began circulating on 4chan and other image boards,[8] featuring a chat initiated by a role player identifying himself as "Drath'nor, the anus destroyer." After Drath'nor attempts to engage in cyber sex, the Kik user aggressively responds with several homophobic slurs, to which the Drath'nor replies "..screamed the stable boy" (shown below).

Role Play k- RuP Im a fucking straight dude u motherfucking faggot. Fucking weird ass horse rp shit. Bitch fuck urself. Square up u crusty ass gay ass queer Hey Dayton I found you on the RolePlay app RRp? I'll pick roles: I'm Drath'nor, the anus destroyer and you're a simple stable boy ··screamed the stable boy Your girly screams make my throbbing cock double in length RIts late at night and the cold wind whips though the stables, gently rustling the dry hay. I approach, my swinging 20" phallus covered in the blood of a thousand innocent anus Fucking twisted ass fucked up in the head ass motherfucker


On April 23rd, 2015, an anonymous 4chan[7] user threatened a user on the /fit/ (fitness) board saying "I'll be Drath'nor the anus destroyer and you can be the stable boy" (shown below).

Anonymous Thu 23 Apr 2015 10:00:22 No.32052532 Report >>32052510 I'm not black and am hard gay. Would you like me to fuck you in the ass little /pol/tard? I'll be Drath'nor the anus destroyer and you can be the stable boy

On April 29th, the original screenshot was reposted on 9gag.[4] On May 31st, Redditor BaratheonFire submitted the chat screenshots in a post titled "/fit/itzen roleplays" to the /r/4chan[5] subreddit. The same day, the image was reblogged on the TalesOf4chan Tumblr.[6] On July 27th, Imgur[3] user Nismojutsu uploaded the chat screenshot in a gallery titled "Role Play app is the new Tinder." On September 9th, the image was posted to FunnyJunk,[2] where it garnered upwards of 37,400 views and 1,200 points in the following five months. On October 13th, a 4chan user replied to a comment on /fit/ with the "stable boy" line (shown below).

Anonymous 2015-10-13 01:38:27 Post No.34517132 those pecs are fucking hilariously huge Anonymous 2015-10-13 02:19:24 Post No. 34517615 34513849 makes his arms look worse 34517132 screamed the stable boy

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It was maybe funny in context, but people are just saying, "Screamed the stable boy" in response to the most mundane things. It's like the new, "That's what she said!" except it works for literally anything, and as a result it's not even slightly funny. Mildly irritating if I'm honest.


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