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Self-Replicating Tweets

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Self-Replicating Tweets refers to a type of tweet utilizing the Conversational Ads tweet promotion function. The tweets created using the function have one or several buttons which, when pressed, generate an exact copy of the original tweet and prompt the user to post it to their timeline. Initially gaining popularity in late 2020 with Bingus and Carp tweets, the format gained a notable presence on Twitter in 2021.


On November 25th, 2020, Twitter[1] user @koopashi posted a video of Bingus originally created by YouTube user SanctuaryLads, writing "bingus my love <3" (screenshot shown below). The tweet made use of Twitter's Conversational Ads[2] function for advertisers, with the tweet containing a button titled "Tweet #BINGUS" that, upon being pressed, generated the exact copy of @koopashi's tweet and prompted the user to post it to their timeline.

@koopashi bingus my love <3 SanctuaryLads bingus Tweet #BINGUS 10:24 AM 路 Nov 25, 2020 路 Twitter for Advertisers (legacy)

Starting on the same day, the tweet received viral spread on Twitter,[3][4] with users creating copies of the tweet by pressing the button. For example, that day, Twitter[5] account @PooryAgedThings posted a copy of the tweet (shown below, right), with the post gaining over 360 retweets and 6,000 likes, further assisting its spread in late November 2020.

huge spiderman @hugespiderman bingus my love <3 1:37 SanctuaryLads bingus Tweet #BINGUS 1:10 PM 路 Nov 25, 2020 路 Twitter for iPhone Poorly Aged Things @PoorlyAgedStuff ... bingus my love <3 SanctuaryLads bingus Tweet #BINGUS 3:40 PM 路 Nov 25, 2020 路 Twitter for iPhone


Carp Tweets

On December 18th, 2020, Twitter[6] user @dm4uz3, inspired by Bingus Tweets,[7][8] posted a tweet containing an image of a carp being held in a hand and a "tweet #carp" button that allowed mobile users to post an exact copy (shown below, left). At that time on the desktop version of Twitter, the button was replaced with a link for a Wikipedia entry on carp, which was later changed (shown below, right).

selling carp tweet ! dm @dm4uz3 carp carp Tweet #carp 4:34 路 19 Dec 20 路 Twitter for Advertisers (legacy) 0:..: ...... selling carp tweet !! dm @dm4uz3 000 carp carp P 8:34 PM 路 Dec 18, 2020 路 Twitter for Advertisers (legacy)

Within 20 minutes, @dm4uz3 promoted[8] the tweet on Twitter.

selling carp tweet !! dm @dm4uz3 I promoted the carp tweet 000 Ads Tw cets Audience In-stream videos History Other 鈥 TweetDeck CD Tweet preview Summary for I item dm4uz3 @dm4uZ3 19m Card Carp 8:54 PM 鈥 Dec 18, 2020

In the following hours, the carp tweet witnessed an exponential spread on Twitter (example video[10] shown below).

Within one hour of being posted, "carp" reached Twitter[11] trends in the United Kingdom with over 65,600 tweets posted (image shown below, left). Within two hours, "carp" accumulated[12] over 206,000 tweets (image shown below, right). The viral spread of carp tweets inspired fan art, memes and meta-jokes.

Further Spread

The self-replicating tweets meme format saw further use in 2021. Notable examples include Gromit Mug vs. Monkey Mug meme started by Twitter[13] account Things That Changed the Internet (@ShapedInternet) on March 21st, 2021, (shown below, left) and We Will Boil Him Soon Alhamdulillah, started by Twitter[14] user @timo77lol on March 29th, 2021 (shown below, right).

Things That Changed the Internet @ShapedInternet The battle of the century has begun, I choose #GromitMug Now its time for you to choose Tweet #GromitMug Tweet #MonkeyMug 12:00 PM - Mar 21, 2021 路 Twitter for Advertisers (legacy) gr眉n wei脽e krieger fan account @timo77lol we will boil him soon alhamdulillah he will be boiled Tweet #bosnianchicken 8:54 AM 路 Mar 29, 2021 路 Twitter for Advertisers (legacy)

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