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Singing Killed My Grandma

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Singing Killed My Grandma is a line from the 2016 film Trolls. The line is spoken by the character Branch as he explains his reluctance to join the other trolls in singing. Branch explains that when he was a child, he was singing so loud he didn't hear the villainous Chef coming to eat him, leading his grandmother to sacrifice herself while saving him. The scene has been used in numerous YouTube remixes and jokes on social media. In early 2023, Twitter users began posting Trolls threads recreating the scene.


In Trolls, the character Branch is a recluse due to the childhood trauma he received after his grandmother saved him from Chef. When Poppy questions him on why he doesn't sing, he explains "Singing killed my Grandma!" and tells the story of how it happened. The scene was isolated and published on YouTube by user Holly Jolly Transformations on April 20th, 2020 (shown below).


After the film's release, the scene would be remixed on YouTube as people added the audio to various pieces of media. The earliest known remix of this type was posted July 6th, 2017 by YouTuber Epic Roasts, who used the line in a scene from Moana, gaining over 11,000 views (shown below, left). On April 19th, 2020, YouTuber I Just Arted also mashed the clip with Moana, gaining over 3,700 views (shown below, right).

The line became a popular joke in Twitter and Tumblr communities in early 2021. For example, on January 8th, Twitter user @badboyhalosimp1[1] posted a comparison between Branch and YouTuber Skeppy with the line, gaining over 240 retweets and 2,200 likes (shown below, left). On January 6th, Tumblr user emositecc[2] posted a Garfield comic recreating the scene, gaining over 200 notes (shown below, right).

matt 000 @badboyhalosimp1 "singing killed my grandma" 7:08 PM · Jan 8, 2021 · Twitter Web App EMOSITECC Why? why do you HATE MONDAYS?! EMOSITECC BECAUSE MONDAYS KILLED MY GRANDMA OK?!

Trolls Threads / Pink Troll 'Why Not? Why Won't You X?'

Pink Troll 'Why Not? Why Won't You X?' or Trolls Threads refers to a series of memes on Twitter where an image of the pink troll Poppy from the movie Trolls is used alongside the phrasal template "Why not? Why won't you X," X being something that someone won't do. The majority of the posts are threads, with the next post in the thread showing the troll Branch saying X killed his grandma, which previously became a meme in 2017. The meme became popularized on Twitter in late February 2023 (examples shown below).

Rea @DrippySkelleo Feb 25 Woke Trolls, a thread: "Why not? Why won't you use pronouns!" 322 Q4 Rea @DrippySkelleo - Feb 25 "BECAUSE WOKENESS KILLED MY GRANDMA, OKAY?" Rea @DrippySkelleo Feb 25 3 3 24K Rea @DrippySkelleo - Feb 25 5 423 2 1407 Q 1 1 642 ♡ 115.9K 66 Rea "I was the one using pronouns." 103 t 629 23.6K Rea @DrippySkelleo - Feb 25 "How did.... wokeness kill your grandma? What pronouns was she using?" @DrippySkelleo - Feb 25 1 652 ♡ 22.5K Rea @DrippySkelleo - Feb 25 *branch and his blue hair and pronouns* 12 410 24.4K 1 3.909 Rea @DrippySkelleo - Feb 25 "AHHHHHH!" 24.2K 9 1,774 ❤ 28.8K Rea @DrippySkelleo - Feb 25 "BRANCH LOOK OUT!" "grandma saves Branch from the conservatives 24.1K Rea @DrippySkelleo Feb 25 "THEY/THEMMA NOOOO" 12:33 AM - Feb 25, 2023 450.5K Views 3.1M 21.1K 425.1K 38K ₁413.7K il 419.8K 419.3K 502.6K 431.4K 397.3K ↑ 1.4M Rea @DrippySkelleo Alt right Twitter account has been created ↑ ↑ ↑ ... 1 ... www Carrion @HoneyPuke. Feb 27 anorexic trolls I a thread "WHY NOT ?? WHY WONT YOU BREAK YOUR FAST??" 105 1 Carrion @HoneyPuke. Feb 27 Carrion @HoneyPuke - Feb 27 "BECAUSE CALORIES KILLED MY GRANDMA OKAY" 2 1,351 Carrion @HoneyPuke. Feb 27 17 3 Carrion @HoneyPuke - Feb 27 "my uncle did the abc diet once" 1 1 166 1 OO Carrion @HoneyPuke. Feb 27 "i was the one who was binge eating" 12 11 1 Carrion @HØneyPuke · Feb 27 *branch binging* ♡ 696 Carrion @HoneyPuke - Feb 27 "how did calories kill your grandma? was she binge eating?" 12 21 ❤ 1,680 7,427 142 Carrion @HneyPuke Carrion @HoneyPuke. Feb 27 "AAAAHHHHHHHHHH” ♡ 898 81 Carrion @HoneyPuke - Feb 27 "BESY ANOREXICMA NOOO000" 851 *creates fastic account* Carrion @HØneyPuke - Feb 27 "BRANCH LOOK OUT" (saves branch from the door dash delivery driver) 166.3K 25.7K 991 ₁35K il 21.7K 22.1K ↑ ↑ ₁20.4K ... ↑ ***

Various Examples

Flomy Draws ! @FlomyUvU 000 "WHY NOT "BECAUSE WHY WONT SINGING KILLED YOU SING?" MY GRANDMA OK?" #FHS #FNAFHS Because syntax killed my grammar okay? Edamame: The Belgian Waffle's Soybean @EdamuraOfficial 000 "Why won't you sing?!" "BECAUSE SINGING KILLED MY GRANDMA, OKAY?!" 10:46 PM · Jan 12, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

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