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About is a web browser-based game where the player must increase the size of of their own circular cell by engulfing other player's cells and pellets called "Agar". The game is notable for its simple addictive gameplay. It gets its name from Agar, a substance found in cell walls of certain algae.


The Java script-based game was originally created by a user of 4chan's /v/ (Video Games) board and launched under the domain name[1] per another anonymous poster's suggeston[6] on April 28th, 2015. On the the day of its launch, the game began attracting massive attention after it was linked on 4chan. On May 3rd, the game was submitted to Steam Greenlight, where it was promptly approved.[4]


In, the player is a cell with the objective of growing larger by engulfing three types of pellets called Agar as well as other players. The player can split into smaller cells by pressing the space bar or colliding with viruses. The player can also shoot parts of their cell at other players by pressing W.

Leaderboard 1.5555 2. USSR 3. wojak 4. Auto Fellatio 5. Doge 6. hogu 7. TChums 8. Know Your Meme 9. origin 10. pic Doge Know Your Meme Score: 140


Custom Skins

Players can apply a skin to their cells by selecting certain hidden keywords as their nickname, including Doge, Wojak, 4chan, 8chan (under 8ch), and 9gag., among many others.

nited Kingdomm MexicO na enma Japan razi Germany man EmpireNor th Korea orway Ukraine ortuga ance Taiwan Russia adstrlaigeriaEstonia Poland Spain Stalin KC Hitler Piccolo Confederate CIA Yaranaika Sweden az USSR 4chan Earth Moon oigin Satanist. Patriarchy Feminism nesauce PewDiePie sanik doge UO

Game Modes

As of May 11th, a new game mode was added where players can play as teams in addition to free-for-all. In the teamplay mode, the players are divided into three teams wherein cells of the same color cannot be engulfed. The leaderboard in this mode was removed in favor of a pie chart showing the three teams total mass. Custom skins are disabled for this mode. ▼C|| | Know Your Meme eAgar..o Leaderboard REDTEAM4LIFE Dank Memes Baddest M4LIFE Japan Score:1 ▲ @ld» .all 5/12/2015 11.0.111 10:06 AM

On June 17th, an "Experimental" mode used to test new entities for the game was added, with minor differences from the main game such as brown viruses that spit out Agar that players can consume, and also break down players that go into them.

Leaderboard 1. Yaranaika 2. CaseLunch 3. Pig 4. PI 5. BACON 7. Hi 8. PATRIARCHY 9. your pal cancer 10. your pal lancer KYMReseareher steak Score: 10

On July 12th, Party Mode, Facebook profile linking, and endgame stats. were added to the game. The party mode allows players to play with friends (Or enemies) on a server with other players. The facebook profile login starts the player with extra mass and the player can level up to start with more mass. The endgame stats display statistics of the players game once they die (Mass, time alive, cells eaten, etc.)

Leaderboard 1. doge 2. pokerface 3. w=Team 4real 4. FREESTAR 5. kanyes ego 6. Bannana 7. An unnamed cell 8. DOGE 9. An unnamed cell 10, q(0) Party Like Share Play with your friends in the same map Nick Party Create Join Play as guest Login and play Move your mouse to control your cell Press Space to split Press W to eject some mass SUMMER SALE S EVENT 2015 EXPLORER Now is the BUILD & PRICE time to get in CURRENT OFFERS a new Ford SEARCH INVENTORY Quality Plus Ford Stores Go Further Offer disclosure Advertisement Privacy | Terms of Service | Changelog

Online Presence

A subreddit for the game was created at /r/Agario on April 29[2] and small Russian-language Wikia for the game was created around the same time.[3] On May 2nd, Let's Player ZeRoyalViking uploaded a YouTube video of himself playing the game, which received over 50,000 views over the next few days. On May 3rd, YouTube video game channel Vinesauce uploaded footage from a stream of the game, which gained over 25,000 views.


Throughout May 2015, the growing popularity of the web-based multiplayer game was reported on by dozens of video game-focused news sites and blogs from all around the world, including BoingBoing[10] (United States), CHIP[11] (Germany), Beşer Haber[12] (Turkey), CanalTech[13] (Brazil), FOK[14] (Netherlands) and Playground[15] (Russian), among many others. As of early June, the game serves between 100,000 to 150,000 simultaneously active players in a 24-hour period.[8]

Agario Player Count 160,000 130,000 100,000 70,000 40,000 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 98 7 6 5 4 3 21 Hour(s) Ago Player Count



Several games have later appeared utilizing a similar format to, in an attempt to replicate the success of, most sharing the .io domain of the original.[17] functions similarly to, with collecting pellets and consuming other players being the main goal, however the players control a snake that grows longer as they progress and "kills" other snakes by having them run into the side of another snake.[18] functions more similarly to then, with differences such as abilities, unique pellets, and snake skins.

Today's longest was Afrigger with a length of 242853.3 Leaderboard HERO 32601.7 25207.7 22841.8 17760.5 16059.8 15147.4 14437.7 14186.5 13360 #1 #2 #3 #4 usa Lem ● #5 Hinata #6 #7 MEEKMILL #1 are 0 Dom Your length: 614 Your rank: 161 of 469 pictured above

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