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The Creatures are a group of Let's Players who mostly live in and around the Denver, Colorado area. The Creatures consist of Kootra,[1] SSohPKC,[2] Sp00nerism,[3] ImmortalHD,[4] ZeRoyalViking,[5] DanzNewz,[6] UberHaxorNova,[7] and Dexterboy124.[9] Each Creature has their own individual YouTube channel on which each respective Creature uploads their own solo playthroughs, as well as their individual POV's on games in which more than one Creature is involved. Along with their own personal channels, the Creatures have a collective channel known as The Creature Hub[10] where the group's larger budgeted projects are uploaded.


The Creatures originated back in 2009 with YouTubers Ze and Sp00n meeting Kootra, Junkyard129,[11] and GassyMexican.[12] The term "Creature" itself initially referred to a certain pose in the game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, where a player crouches on the ground and repeatedly changes weapons. This results in a humorous effect on the players third person model. While one of the players was doing this, another commented on how he looked like some sort of a "creature". The name stuck with the members of the group, who began to use it as a playful insult between one another. However, the term became the official name of the small group after they created their own podcast known as Creature Talk.

Online Relevance

On Tumblr there are various tags used to identify posts which pertain to the group.[17][18][19][20] On Reddit the official subreddit has over 10,000 subscribers whom post regularly on a daily basis.[25]

The group's main YouTube channel have many videos that are in excess of one million views. The most viewed video entitled "50 Lush Bath Bombs" has nearly 2 million views as of July 2015 (shown below). In the video the group uses 50 Lush brand Bath Bombs for an inflatable pool place inside their office building.


The fanbase of the Creatures are collectively known as the Critters. There are several Tumblr blogs dedicated to The Creatures in the style of single topic blogs such as Just Creature Things,[21] Creature Group,[22] Critter Confessions,[23] and Imagine The Creatures.[24]

Several Critters and friends of the Creatures have created fan music for the group. Two of the most notable of these are "Life Is Beautiful (Hellberg Remix) Creature Whistle" by HellBergMusic (shown below left) and "Creatures Come Alive" by Brother Blake (shown below right).

In October 2013, a dating sim based on the Creatures, entitled "Let's Date the Creatures",[34] was created and made available for download via the game's tumblr page. The game was played by Sly as a series on his YouTube channel (shown below left),[8] and by Nova and Immortal on their Valentines' Day Livestream (shown below right).


On Wattapad there are various fanfictions depicting the Creatures, usually in romantic or erotic situations. The stories are tagged under the Creatures' individual names.[29][30][31] The most popular of these is titled "The Creatures & More in High School" with nearly 160,000 views as of May 2015.[32] On February 14, 2014 a fanfiction entitled "Sex on the Beach" by Wattapad user PlsCommentPls was read aloud by Nova and Immortal, on their Valentines Day Livestream via the Creature's Twitch page, and later uploaded to YouTube by YouTuber SuperRicky2013 (shown below left). Later that year on October 25, 2014, Another fanfic titled "The Tale of Tammy and Jordan" was read aloud as a part of the Creatures 2014 Livescream Halloween stream (shown below right).[33]


On DeviantArt there are around 2,000 images for both Nova[26] and ImmortalHD,[27] as well as an entire page dedicated to showcasing fanart of the group.[28]

Aleks G21 SUPR MONZA ghand hefo 뇌

Notable Developments


On August 27, 2014 an anonymous caller notified the Littleton, CO. police department that an active shooter was present in the same office building that the Creatures work out off.[14] This occurred simultaneously with a livestream featuring the Kootra. During the stream SWAT officers can be seen bursting into the room, ordering Kootra to the ground, and finally arresting him. Officers found no evidence of a shooter in the building and concluded that the anonymous tip was nothing more that a prank call. The entire office was evacuated while two local schools were locked down according to procedure.[15] The police later stated that they were searching for the hoax caller who apparently called from a landline. Also during this time all of the Creatures' personal info, both business and individual, were posted online via Paste Bin. Creatures Kootra and DanzNewz were both released from Littleton police custody later the same day. Twitter user Screwpain later claimed responsibility for the incident.[35][36] His twitter has since been suspended.[37]

The same day as the swatting, a section of a call recorded allegedly by Screwpain was uploaded to YouTube and has gained over 133,000 views as of July 2015 (shown below). In the video fellow swatter spiky stated that he had intended to do a second SWAT caller, this time targeting DanzNewz.

Notable Sub-memes

Aleks Face/Marshal Face

Aleks Face refers to a still image taken from the fourth episode of the Creature Hub series Supercast! With Chip and Marshal in which the character Marshal Bowdrie (portrayed by ImmortalHD aka Aleks) makes a humorous face while pleading for his life. The image has since been used by fellow Creatures, Nova and Kevin, as well as fans, as a mockery of ImmortalHD. Immortal is known for showing extreme disdain and even distress whenever someone shows him the image.

James & Alek's Departure

On April 28 2016, James Wilson (Uberhaxornova) and Aleksandr Marchan (ImmortalHD) have left the creatures. The reason for their departure from the creatures is due to creative differences.

Cow Chop

Cow Chop is a gaming/Co-Op channel created by James and Aleksandr on February 26, 2016. Members of CowChop are James, Aleks, Trevor, Joe, Aron, and Brett. Both Joe and Aron were also formerly from the Creatures as Interns.

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