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Constable Frozen

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Constable Frozen is a Tumblr based fan-blog for the Disney animated film, Frozen known for posting bizarre edits of the film without context. The blog amassed a large following on Tumblr and attracted mainstream attention when users began to hypothesize that the unknown person behind the account had a vore fetish.


Constable Frozen launched on May 7th, 2014.[1] In its first post, it showed a GIF of the Frozen characters bobbing their heads, gaining over 780 notes (shown below).


The blog developed a dedicated Tumblr following over the following three years, as fans gravitated towards the surreal nature of the blog as well as the mystery behind it. The page has a dedicated TV Tropes wiki[2] which states that some have praised the blog as "comedic genius." On March 3rd, 2015, Tumblr user clockworkmod[4] posted a summation of the account which read:

Here’s what we know about constable frozen:
-they have some kind of crush on Elsa
-they’re proficient with Photoshop
-thats it
-thats all we know

One of the most popular posts on the blog, posted June 15th, 2014, features a miniature Elsa animated to be eating a potato chip, gaining over 80,000 notes[3] (shown below). It has also grown to include crossovers with various other animated films.

Vore Accusations

On October 27th, 2017, Constable Frozen posted a photoset which showed illustrations of the cast of Disney's Tangled engaging in what appeared to be fetishistic behavior. The post gained over 6,600 notes (shown below).

This led Tumblr users to view previous Constable Frozen posts as though they had sexual undertones. One post in particular featured the Frozen character Anna feeding Olaf, a snowman, ice cream, and then Olaf spitting the ice cream into Elsa and Anna's mouths, which gained over 44,000 notes (shown below).

On November 1st, Twitter user and Buzzfeed journalist Ryan Broderick[5] noted that that blog seemed to have a fascination with eating people (shown below, left). Tumblr user sweetbabyraysgourmetsauces[6] noted that with all the clues in Constable Frozen's posts, people should have been aware they were a fetish artist (shown below, right).

Ryan Broderick @broderick Followv There's a weird eating thing that pops up a ot. Here's a photoset that appears to show Elsa and Anna eating Merida from Brave's hair??? の we never questioned elsa making soft serve ice cream with her mouth and feeding it to everyone elsa spinning rapulzel into a corn dog and eating her alive -all of them eating olaf rapunzel putting a ball gag on the other tangled characters we should have known the whole time she was a fetish artist....

The accusations led Select All[7] to track down the person who runs the blog, one Shin Chul from South Korea. He denied allegations that his blog was a fetish blog, stating “My blog is not a fetish blog. I hate vore.”

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