Kairos Diversity Recognition

Kairos Diversity Recognition

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Kairos Diversity Recognition is a face recognition web application developed by the artificial intelligence company Kairos, which analyzes user-submitted portrait photographs and estimates percentages for the subject's ethnic makeup. The results are encouraged to be shared on social media along with the hashtag #DiversityRecognition.


On March 11th, 2017, Kairos launched the Diversity Recognition application for users to submit photographs to be analyzed by their facial recognition software. According to a blog post by the company,[2] the application uses ethnicity detection algorithms to "measure subtleties in the physical characteristics" of millions of processed photographs estimate a person's ethnic background.

Over 1,000,000 selfies uploaded Diversity Recognition Upload your selfie below to see your ethnicity makeup 39% HISPANIC 34% ASIAN 12% WHITE 9% OTHER 6% BLACK KAIROS.COM/YOU #DiversityRecognition TRY MY PHOTO


On June 3rd, a thread about the software was submitted to 4chan's /v/[3] (video games) board, where viewers responded by posting screenshots of various video game characters analyzed by the web application (shown below).

■ Anonymous 06/03/17(Sat)18:36:34 No.378979053 -378981042 >378981142 378981857 378981958 378981994 3789 -378986312 >>378987108 >378987206 39378987762 >3789878953789 98% WHTE go to http://kairos.com/diversity-recognition input a vidya character's face post results 2% 1% OTHER 0% ASIAN Anonymous 06/03/17(Sat)18:41:58 No.378979545 0% BLACK 2> sure i got nothing better to do KAIROS COMIYou Anonymous 06/03/17 (Sat)18:42:51 No.378979629 File: Untitled.png (294 KB, 440x440) P3 So progressive... Anonymous 06/03/17 (Sat)18:44:52 No.378979821378987483 File ng (181 KB, 440x440) I think this site is just randomly throwing in hispanic to fuck with people They know it's not a race, right?

In the coming days, other threads about the Kairos application were submitted to the /co/[4] (comics & cartoons), /pol/[5] (politcally incorrect), and /r9k/[6] (robot 9000) boards. On June 4th, FunnyJunk[8] user fatsigurd submitted a compilation of #DiversityRecognition images (shown below). On June 6th, a thread urging readers to submit their Kairos results was submitted to ForumBioDiversity.[7]

93% WHITE 5% HISPANIC 196 BLACK 0% OTHER 0% ASIAN KAIROS.COMIYOU # Divers ityRecognition 51% HISPANIC 22% WHITE 13% ASIAN 7% OTHER 6% BLACK KAIROS.COMIYOU # Divers ityRecognition 54% ASIAN 18% WHITE 15% HISPANIC 10% OTHER 3% BLACK KAIROS.COM/YOU #DiversityRecognition

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