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Macross is a mecha anime series first created on October 3rd, 1982 by Studio Nue and Tatsunoko Production. The plot of each anime tends to involve musical idols or musicians in its main story. The main mecha of the series is the Valkyrie variable fighter, a jet/space fighter that can transform into a bipedal mech, as well as an in-between state known as GERWALK.


Super Dimension Fortress Macross (1982-1983)

The series starts in 1999 AD with a space battleship breaking through the earth's atmosphere and crash landing on an island in the pacific. The ship is discovered to have been piloted by an unknown alien civilization, and a war begins to unify the earth under one government in an event known as the Unification Wars. This also led to the development of a new type of combat aircraft known as the Variable Fighter. Meanwhile, the spaceship was slowly being restored and its systems converted to by used by humans, and in 2009 AD the restoration had completed. During the restoration, a city had formed around the ship, which had been named the Macross with the city around it being named Macross City.

As the preparations are made for the Macross begin its maiden flight, several characters are introduced. 1st Lieutenant Misa Hayase prepares the ship for launch as Captain Bruno Global is brought on board after hearing word of strange ships appearing in lunar orbit.

Upon its maiden flight, a defense system was accidentally activated and fired a laser into space which destroys an alien scout ship that was lurking above the earth. This starts a war with the Zentraedi, a race of giants who were searching for the ship that they had been fighting ten years before. As the Macross attempts to lift off, its

Macross: Do You Remember Love? (1984)

Macross II: Lovers Again (1992)

Macross Plus (1994-1995)

Macross 7 (1994-1995)

Macross Dynamite 7 (1997-1998)

Macross Zero (2002-2004)

Macross Frontier (2007-2009)

Macross FB 7: Ore no Uta o Kike! (2012)

Macross Delta (2015-2016)


Video Games


Super Dimension Fortress Macross was licensed to Harmony Gold by Tatsunoko Productions, which was used along with two other Big West anime series: Genesis Climber MOSPEADA and Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, to create Robotech.


2021 Agreement

Thrust Vectoring Owns The Sky

Thrust Vectoring Owns the Sky! is a 4chan catchphrase originally used in reference to the popular Japanese anime series Macross Zero, which features several fighter jets with incredibly versatile flying capabilities.

Nyan Nyan

Nyan Nyan, also known as Ni Hao Nyan, is a scene from Macross Frontier in which Ranka Lee dances and sings the jingle to the Chinese restaurant chain "Nyan Nyan", which is popular in the Macross universe. The dance became popular on sites such as Nicovideo and YouTube in which animators would have different characters performing the dance.

Ranka Lee's Kira Pose

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