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Neko Atsume

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Neko Atsume (Japanese: ねこあつめ; English: Cat Collection), also known in English as Kitty Collector, is a mobile game and app created by game developer Hit-Point for iOS and Android. Although the game was originally only available in Japanese with no plans for English translation, the game gained unexpected popularity in both Japan and the West, resulting in the game eventually being translated.


The game features a simple formula in which the goal is to attract cats using a variety of foods, toys and furniture. The game's various cats are attracted by different toys, with certain cats only appearing when specific toys are deployed by the player. Other special cats with more unique characteristics will only appear when using certain toys or furniture. When the cats appear, the player can watch them, take photos of them, and receive gifts from them.

The game's currency consists of regular fish and the more rare gold fish, both which are given to the player by the cats after they leave. These fish can then be used to purchase more toys and furniture or even new rooms in the house. The game has no end – the closest thing to a goal is a complete collection of photographs in the provided photo album – but cats will continue to appear indefinitely as long as the player puts out food for them.


Neko Atsume[6] was first released only as a Japanese game on October 20th, 2014, by Hit Point Co. Ltd.[7] Originally it was a game intended to feature a "look and enjoy" style for players who like cats, according to the game's developer Yutaka Takasaki.[1]

Kitty Collector Meow Loadin a...

Since its release, the game has stayed true to its formula, with any updates mostly featuring new cats and items. Initially the game was only available in Japanese. However, after release, the game developers discovered that up to 40% of the game's downloads were by Western users, and decided to release a translated version on October 30th, 2015, in version 1.4.5.

Film Adaptation

On January 13th, 2017, AMG Entertainment released an official poster and a teaser trailer for Neko Atsume no le[22] (literal translation: Cat Collection's House), a Japanese live-action romance comedy film based on the mobile game. The movie follows the story of Masaru Sakamoto (portrayed by Atsushi Ito), a best-selling novelist who decides to go on a writer's retreat in the countryside to overcome his writer's block. There, he befriends a stray cat by leaving food out for it, and soon his house is flooded with cats.

Directed by Masatoshi Kurakata and starring other well-known Japanese actors, including Shiori Kutsuna, Tomorowo Taguchi, Tae Kimura, Kayoko Okubo and Masahiro Toda, the film is slated for box office release in Japan on April 8th, 2017, according to Crunchyroll and Kotaku.[23] As of January 23rd, 2017, no plans have been announced for international distribution.

日本初!超人気アプリが実写映画化!! せ고 小 說 家 まを っ ごte意 この映画は、登場人猫を まったり めて愛であげ3 全体的に そんな帽です た 伊藤淳史 忽那汐里 大久保佳代子 · 青戸浩香大嶺創羽村木藤志郎 田口トモロヲ 、木村多江 戸田 宏 大山うさぎ 0 48 全世界で1,900万DL突破、超人気アプリ松 あつめ ほっこ17 が、ねこ好きあつめで映画化。 .8at 伊藤淳史 忽那汐里 大久保佳代子//青戸浩香大嶺創羽村木藤志郎 戸田昌宏 大山うさぎ 田口トモロヲ/木村多江 監督:鑑方故糧製作KE指揮:吉田尚剛 製作:梅丰臠浃 坂本敏明企画·脚本:永森裕二 原作·原案:ねこあつめ(Hit-Point プロデューサー·岩淵規 ラインプロデューサー:田中清孝 撮影:安田圭MSc)蟟明:石田鍵対録音:趛川浩道 美術:山下修侍 アニマルトレーナー:江上縁大河内鬓 スタイリスト:森12久美ヘアメイク:高村明日見持道具:阿部有希助監督:斉藤馮士黔作担当:池田勝編集:岩切裕ㄧ 音楽プロデュース:塚田良平oceeTEZZA) 靡楽:n伏1H8 主趧8:r0とやすみ」作詞·作侖坂本英三嗅:竹村愛弓 スチール:向井宗敏 メイキング:谷口奭也 宣伝美语:大寿美トモエ 協力:AMG MUSIC AMG出版下千葉關千葉県フィルムコミnaン製作:アミューズメントメディア総合学院TBSサービス キングレコード 制作プロダクション:MEDIAND 企滷·配給:AMGエンタテインメント C2017 Hit-Point陕画ねこあつめ」製作委員会 たからもの】を もらいました。 4


According to the game's developer Yutaka Takasaki, Neko Atsume has easily become the most popular game by his company Hit Point Co. Ltd. since it was founded in 2007.[2] By July 2015, the game had received over 5.5 million downloads since its release on iOS and Android combined.[2] Up to 40% of the downloads came from the West despite the game having no English translation at the time, and this increased to 6.5 million downloads by September.[5] On August 27th, 2015, Neko Atsume won the CEDEC Award for best game design.[3][4]

CEDE AWARDS 201S © Hit-Point Co.,Ltd.

Google Live Video Event

On September 15th, 2015, Google and Hit-Point teamed up for Google's Game Week with Google Play in a live 11-hour long video event called Real Neko Atsume (リアルねこあつめ),[10] which was broadcasted on YouTube from a Cat café in Osaka, Japan (shown below). The event featured a video stream in which cats were released in a setting similar to Neko Atsume, allowing viewers to watch as the cats interacted with the items laid out for them. Despite being a Japanese event, Western media also reported on it with articles in Polygon,[8] PR Newswire[5] and the Verge.[9]

Online Presence

Prior to the game's official translation to English, many Western fans of the game already created guides for the game to allow those unfamiliar with Japanese to play; many of these pointed out how the in-game iconography allowed for easy accessibility. Guides can be found on Wordpress,[11] Playoholic,[12] Gameskinny,[13] Vulcanpost[14] and Forfoxsake.[15]

Cats Shopping Goods Camera Garden Sardines 0 Settings Other NEWS しろねこさん Name Personality おっとり Fighting Pover 80 Times Visited Gular →白 2 colorP あXTop 31terrisTOR3 Album ねこじゃらし ゴムボール(赤) 8 re

Along with game play, fans of the game often share pictures of their favorite cats and draw fanart of the game. The r/nekoatsume sub-reddit[16] was created on April 12th, 2015, and gathered over 5,000 subscribers in the next 6 months. As of November 25th, 2015, the game has over 870 and 110 pieces of fanart on Pixiv[17] and DeviantArt[18] respectively. Fan content can also be found on Tumblr.[19] On March 22nd, 2015, Twitter user @102_55[20] posted a tweet with a piece of fanart featuring Sad Keanu (shown below, left); on April 11th of that year, Twitter user @Cafe_Reissue[21] uploaded a picture of Latte Art featuring Neko Atsume (shown below, right). As of November 25th of that year, the tweets managed to gather over 25,000 and 16,000 retweets respectively.


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