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Red vs. Blue[1] is a Halo machinima series made by Rooster Teeth Productions about two opposing teams, Red and Blue, fighting a supposed civil war against each other. Though they are in conflict, they don’t take much of their work seriously and this is considered the comedic part of the series, for many of them are incompetent. As it is found out later, they are only a part of a training simulation for the Freelancer Agents. Freelancer Agents are part of Project Freelancer that is made to study elite soldiers with AI implants to win the war with the Covenant. The Red vs. Blue series has gone through 9 seasons. Most recent episodes can be first viewed on Rooster Teeth’s website. [2]


Red vs. Blue started its internet premier on April 1st, 2003 with “Episode 1: Why Are We Here?” which introduces the setting in Blood Gulch, a few of the main characters, and the conflict between each other. Even though the series was supposed to be 6-8 episodes, its popularity suggested that it would continue.

As time progressed, Rooster Teeth had incorporated CGI into their episodes. The CGI was first used in Red vs. Blue Revelation: Episode 3. It was most used in season 9 which gives the back story of the Freelancers. The CGI had helped improve actions scenes and will be used for seasons to come.



Red Team

Staff Sergeant Sarge – Sarge is the leader of the Red Team voiced by Matt Hullum. He shows the most discipline in the Red Team. He is somewhat eccentric and sociopathic.

Private First Class Dick Simmons – Simmons is one of the few level–headed characters of the series. He is voiced by Gustavo Sorola. Simmons is sometimes considered a “kiss-ass” because he looks up to Sarge “for love and support”.

Minor Junior Private Negative First Class Dexter Grif – Grif is the slacker of the Red Team voiced by Geoff Ramsey. He is self-centered, lazy, and a wisecracking loud-mouth.

Private Franklin Delano Donut – Donut first appears in episode 3 of season 1 as a new recruit. He is voiced by Dan Godwin. Because his armor color is pink, he is made fun of.

Lopez the Heavy – Lopez is a mechanic robot, built by Sarge and has a damaged speech unit, which allows him to only speak in Spanish and is voiced by the series' co-creator Burnie Burns. He's always misunderstood because of his language from his teammates and often regarded as positivity.

Blue Team

Private Leonard L. Church – Church is the leader of the Blue Team voiced by Burnie Burns. He was killed off very early in the series but later he is shown to be the Freelancer AI Alpha and has a personality based off the Director of the Freelancer Project. He is considered the main protagonist of the series.

Private First Class Lavernius Tucker – Tucker is a member of the Blue Team voiced by Jason Sadaña. He is one, if not the only, skilled fighter and prefers to battle with an energy sword. Despite his skill he is still reluctant to go to battle. He is also seen to be sarcastic and a smart-aleck.

Private Micheal J. Caboose –Same as Donut, Caboose was introduced as a new recruit but for the Blue Team on episode 3 of season 1. He is voiced by Joel Heyman. Caboose is very dim-witted and mentally abnormal.


Freelancer Agent Texas – Also called Tex for short, she is a highly trained agent for Project Freelancer. Her real name is Allison. She first appeared on episode 10 “A Shadow of His Former Self” when she is hired as a mercenary for the Blue Team. Her previous affiliations with Church are key elements to the plot. In season 9, she is shown as one of the best of the Freelancers. She was at first voiced by Burnie Burns but later Kathleen Zuelch.

Freelancer Agent Carolina – An ambitious Freelancer who thrives to be the best of them all in season 9. Her goal is stifled at the arrival of Agent Texas. She is last seen in season 9 when she asks Church, who is the Alpha AI, to help kill the director.

Freelancer Agent Maine/Meta – Agent Maine, mostly known as the Meta, is a rogue Freelancer Agent. He went out to find more artificial intelligence and armor enhancements from other Freelancers under the influence of AI Sigma.

Freelancer Agent Washington – A Freelancer Agent who had to recover AI from dead or dying Freelancers. Washington runs into trouble when the Meta, formally known as Agent Maine, is out doing the same. The Meta however is trying to make himself more powerful and is under the belief by AI Sigma that gathering the other AIs would recover the Alpha AI. Later, Washington is imprisoned for treason after refusing to cooperate with The Director. He is aided by the Meta to search for the Epsilon Unit which will pull him out of life imprisonment. He is a complex character moving between being an antagonist to a protagonist. He is the current leader of Blue Team, replacing Church for his title.

Freelancer Agent Wyoming – Wyoming is a ruthless mercenary hired by O’Malley, a rogue AI, to kill Tucker. His real name is Reginald and he has a British accent. He is often insincere. Wyoming is the main antagonist in the Blood Gulch Chronicles. He first appeared in episode 40 “Visiting Old Friends.” He has the special ability to time loop which works in his favor to prevent him from dying.

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New Republic

Notable Members :
General Vanessa Kimble
Lieutenant Katie Jensen – Intellectual like her captain, Dick Simmons, Katie Jensen mainly supports him throughout Season 12 and Season 13 as a loyal lieutenant. She is voiced by Barbara (Pun)Dunkelman,the main voice actor of Yang Xiao Long from the show RWBY which is also created by RoosterTeeth.

Lieutenant Antoine Bitters – Just like his captain, Dexter Grif, he's just as lazy and pessimistic as him. Antoine Bitters is the supporting main character in RVB through Season 12 and Season 13. He is voiced by Brandon Farmahini.

Lieutenant John Smith – His full name John Elizabeth Andersmith or simply referred to as 'Smith' by his comrades. He loyally serves his captain, Michael J. Caboose, through out Season 12 and Season 13 as a lieutentant. He is voiced by Ryan Haywood.

Lieutenant Charles Palomo – Annoying, yet well-meaning lieutenant of Lavernius Tucker. Charles Palomo is a supporting main character in RVB through Season 12 and Season 13. He is voiced by Kerry Shawcross, the main writer for the RT series RWBY

Federal Army of Chorus

Notable Members :

General Donald Doyle
Doctor Emily Grey


Felix -
Locus -

Red vs. Blue Animated

At the Penny Arcade Expo on 2008, Rooster Teeth Production showed a preview of Red vs. Blue Animated. With the help of Humouring the Fates[3], an American tradition hand-drawn animation studio, Red vs. Blue would have its own television show that would air on G4 and Comedy Central. However, the project was at a halt and soon cancelled due to creative differences, money problems, and time constraints. The short features Simmons, Grif, and Church trying to rescue Tex and Sarge who are being held captive in a Covenant prison camp. In the 15th of May 2016, the animated version was remastered in Episode One titled "Room Zero" in Red Vs Blue's Season 14.

In the May of 15, 2016, the episode got remastered as Season 14's first episode.

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