The Dark, Sad Life of Boogie2988 (Documentary)

The Dark, Sad Life of Boogie2988 (Documentary)

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The Dark, Sad Life of Boogie2988 is a YouTube documentary by Mike Clum that follows YouTuber Steven Jay Williams, better known as Boogie2988, with a focus on the downfall of his YouTube career, his monetary struggles and health problems and how he got to this point in his life. The documentary inspired reactions and memes online about various topics discussed throughout it, including Boogie's admission that he spent over $200,000 on sex workers at one point in his life.


On October 31st, 2023, YouTuber[1] Mike Clum released his first documentary, The Dark, Sad Life of Boogie2988, a 55-minute long documentary that follows the day-to-day life of YouTuber Boogie2988 and focuses on the downfall of his YouTube career, his monetary and weight loss struggles and his everyday problems (shown below). The documentary gained over a million views in a week.

The documentary begins with Boogie taking a bath. He goes over his monetary issues and explains how he's been selling some of his rare Magic: The Gathering cards in order to make enough money to live.

Boogie claims he spent over $200,000 on sex workers between 2018 and 2021, claiming he took them on vacations, bought them expensive items, etc. The documentary features an interview with one of the sex workers who Boogie hired, who confirmed that he spent over $5,000 on her in one night. She also says he bought two entrees at dinner. She says she "regrets to say" she slept with him and that it took "a long time" to find his penis because of his weight and that sleeping with him was one of the reasons she got out of sex work. The income from her night with Boogie helped fund her nursing degree.

Boogie plays Magic: The Gathering with some friends, who describe him as a good and fun guy to be around. Boogie then explains how he thinks the n-word is "just a word" and isn't "magic." He then describes how he loves dark humor and thinks it's important to make controversial jokes. The documentary then shows a compilation of Boogie's controversial moments. Boogie explains how "one guy" compiled a mega thread of Boogie's controversies that lead to him losing his sponsors.

After visiting an arcade to play Pac-Man, Boogie sprains his ankle while walking to the bathroom, explaining that it's due to his weight and age. He then explains how he doesn't know how much longer he'll live and doesn't believe he'll make it to 60. He then lists his medical diagnoses, including low testosterone, testicular hypogonadism, sleep apnea, swelling, seborrheic eczema, chronic back pain and protein in urine. high blood pressure, intestinal malabsorption, morbid obesity, major depressive and anxiety disorder, blood pooling in veins, history of basal cell carcinoma, asthma and allergies.

The documentarian explains that everything Boogie says is depressing and then presents footage of a mental health counselor, a comedian and a YouTube consultant analyze his downfall to discover how he got so depressed. Boogie explains that he thinks his downfall is due to "covert narcissism," trying to make people feel bad for him by harping on about his issues to gain sympathy. The YouTube consultant suggests that Boogie will never regain his viewers and should get a job.

Boogie attempts to get a job and meets with a staffing agency to help him seek employment. Boogie explains to the agent that he's depressed, uneducated and that when you Google his name, you "might see rumors" that he beats his wife and is a predator. He also mentions that he's a felon for a charge related to the gun incident. The agent suggests he change his mindset and tells the documentarian she's unsure if he could find employment due to his felony charge. Boogie then gives up on trying to get a job, saying he has "4 million subscribers" and that he's going to "go back to entertaining people" and try and regain his viewership.

The next part of the documentary takes place three months later. Boogie explains that he's struggling to break 10,000 views on an upload and he's still not making money. He then introduces his 20-year-old girlfriend Dez, explaining that she's into him for his energy, and personality and because she's into "nerds." She says she could see herself marrying Boogie and explains how she helps him around the house by cleaning, caring for the guards, etc. Boogie admits it's "creepy" that she's 20 but that he's happy. She claims sex with Boogie is the best she's ever had and they're filmed kissing in the bathtub. They go to a stand-up comedy show and the comedian roasts him for dating a young girl.

Dez calls his financial situation "scary" and text on-screen shows that Boogie has $250 in his bank account. He explains how he wants to start live streaming more and might have to go back on disability. Dez says that she loves him, can't imagine a life without him and that she won't leave him if he goes completely broke. Boogie then sits with Dez and explains to her just how sick he is, saying he's a "walking time bomb" and that he could die at any moment, causing her to cry and say "I don't want you to be alone."

The documentary then covers Boogie's boxing match against WingsOfRedemption, claiming that Boogie was paid $10,000 for the fight and that 400,000 people bought the pay-per-view, but Boogie was unable to land a single punch. Boogie explains that although he was paid $10,000, he spent more than that on traveling to and preparing for the fight. Boogie then goes through his monthly bills, saying he needs at least $7,000 a month and he's not making that much.

In the next part of the documentary, Boogie goes to a psychedelic ceremony to try magic mushrooms in order to help him overcome depression and generally improve his life. Boogie takes the mushrooms as a "shaman" guides him through the trip and asks him to unpack his traumas. Boogie says his parents were "crazy" and "broken people."

The morning after the mushrooms, he claims he doesn't really want breakfast and that he's realized nothing really matters. He says he feels like he died and went back to "the void," saying he feels "in control" for the first time. He says that even though he only gets between 10,000 and 15,000 views per video, it's still his dream job and that "everyone falls off."

That night, Boogie2988 posted a video to YouTube[5] about the documentary, calling it a "hard watch" and saying he wants to try and keep his personal drama off the internet from now on, garnering over 55,000 views in three days (shown below).

Online Reactions

The documentary inspired reactions on social media, including posts where viewers share screencaps from the video. On October 31st, X[2] user and YouTuber @ChrisRGun posted, "That Boogie documentary is depressing as hell," garnering over 500 likes in three days. On November 2nd, YouTuber and X[3] user Justin Whang posted quote-reposted X user @doejens, who shared a screenshot from the documentary about the sex worker who used Boogie's money to get her nursing degree, writing, "In the future there will be someone whose life was saved because Boogie had sex with a woman," garnering over 2,000 likes in a day (shown below).

Justin Whang @JustinWhang In the future there will be someone whose life was saved because Boogie had sex with a woman Doejenggles @doejens - 17h At least he's done one good thing The income from her night with Boogie helped fund her nursing degree ... 9:29 PM - Nov 2, 2023 - 91.3K Views

Later that day, X[4] user and content creator Jet Neptune posted, "Boogie spent $200,000 on prostitutes that’s crazy to me," garnering over 1,100 likes in a day (shown below). That day, a discussion thread about the documentary was started on[6]

jetneptune @jetneptune - 14h Boogie spent $200,000 on prostitutes that's crazy to me 78 138 71K jetneptune @jetneptune_ 1.3K 9:51 PM - Nov 2, 2023 30.2K Views 口 ... I have two life rules it's never do cocaine and never pay for sex. Doing scummy s--- will give you a permanent self confidence debuff that u can never overcome. "I did that" you give urself a new floor that if you're operating 'above', ur 'doing good'. It drags down your mean avg

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Boogie is a great example of the final steps of chronic internet addiction syndrome (CIAS for short) and how it can ruin your mental health AND body. Guy is so chronically online he cant get a normal job, ignore even the most minimum criticism or even do his own chores.

Guy should be sent and locked in a mental hospital for like a week before he dies from his extreme CIAS.

One of the worst cases of CIAS I have ever seen and I speak as someone who also has this terrible and terrifying mortal disease but nowhere this degree, not to the degree I have gotten morbidly obese from spending all day in front of a screen.


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