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Villanos, also known as Villanous or Villainous, is a Spanish series of animated shorts about four characters living together: Black Hat, the owner of Black Hat Inc., a company which sells tools to villains; Dr. Flug, a paper-bag wearing professor who develops the tools for Black Hat; Dementia, who is mentally insane and lizard-like; and 5.0.5., a kind large blue bear-like creature.


On May 18th, 2017, the Cartoon Network LA YouTube channel uploaded in one video 10 shorts of the series (shown below).[1] The series was created by Mexican cartoonist Alan Ituriel and currently broadcasts during commercial breaks on Cartoon Network in Latin America.[2]

The day following Cartoon Network's upload, YouTuber chrossrank ct uploaded the shorts with English subtitled (shown below). An English dub of the show is planned, where notably, the character 5.0.5 will be voiced by Markiplier.


Early response to the show has been positive. Many popular comments on the English sub video find people hoping it will be expanded into a full show (shown below).

Creator Holly 4 days ago If they make this an actual show I will no joke start watching CN again- REPLY 993 View all 31 replies Edward Weeble 22 minutes ago I agree, this must be an official show instead of teen titans go and uncle grandpa... REPLY Edward Weeble 20 minutes ago I do, it's from stephen king REPLY Vailskibum94 5 days ago really hope this will be a full show REPLY 2K View all 46 replies Daniel Tinsley 6 hours ago Vailskibum94 what up bro REPLY 2 Max Cain 6 hours ago Vailskibum94 after all this looks Steven Universe levels of good to me

Meanwhile, in a short amount of time, the show has generated a wide amount of fan art on Tumblr[3] and DeviantArt.[4]

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This is a great series of shorts with fun character designs and good writing, buuuut less than like 2 days after it got found by tumblr, they hated it. Why? Because one of the storyboard and lineartists is an artist that caused a fuckton of drama years ago. Those of you with a good memory would remember them from the Miss Officer and Mr Truffles fiasco, it's the same artist behind that that's doing some storyboarding.

On top of this, Tumblr seems to have.. .ahem totally not exaggerated evidence of them drawing underage characters (when they themselves were underage, which is a different can of worms entirely). Because of this revelation, a vocal minority of tumblrinas want the show dead just so this artist never, ever has a career. Just so their life is ruined, completely ignoring the fact that this show would be a huge step forward for Mexican animation, and that by trying to get the show canned, it would not only harm the future of Mexican animation, but the amazingly talented crew members that work on the show would be caught in the crossfire. Luckily, this vocal minority has been drowned out quite a bit, with some of them even realising that yeah, keeping grudges and letting people get caught in the crossfire is fucking stupid. It's still unfortunate that there are those who are willing to let the show burn because of one person 1/2 because formatting


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