Cartoon Network Website Hacks

Cartoon Network Website Hacks

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Cartoon Network Hack was an incident affecting websites for Cartoon Network Brazil, Cartoon Network Hungary and Cartoon Network UK. Videos on the sites were replaced with bait-and-switch media including Richardo Milos dance.


Around 4:40 PM EST on April 27th, 2019, Twitter user @NelisMarkus reported that the Cartoon Network Hungary site was hacked (shown below, left).[1] It was also reported on /r/masterhacker.[3] The following day, Twitter user @sudoreall claimed to be the perpetrator behind the hack.[2]

Markus Nelis @NelisMarkus Follow Apparently, someone managed to "hack" into CN Hungary's site and sneak a video with Ricardo Milos. Toony Tube | Mi a szerelem? | Cartoon Network Szerelem: a legfurcsább és legmegmagyarázhatatlanabb dolgok egyike, ami csak történhet az életben. Hogy ragályos lenne? Mellékha... CN CARTOON NETWORK 5:41 AM-28 Apr 2019 4 Retweets 10 Likes Gustavo Rangel @sudoreall Follow @HorariosCNmx @CNConfessions @CNschedules @RegularTweetsUK Good night from Brazil! We are destroying Cartoon Network EU and LA websites, did you guys like our late april fools joke? Also, @Skyleter, you're f------ cute <3 9:37 AM-28 Apr 2019 0609 O 16 Retweets 27 Likes


News of the hack traveled across social media. /r/arabfunny[4] realized that one of the episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball on the UK site had been replaced with a video from the subreddit (shown below, left). YouTuber "I'm a huge faggot" posted an explainer and overview of the hack, gaining over 7,900 views (shown below, right).

Tumblr account CN-confessions[5] posted an explainer and overview of the hack. The site noted that the Hungarian site had apparently been hacked for two days but no one noticed until the 27th. Cartoon Network shut the site down on the 28th to fix the problem, and it has since been returned to normal.

Various Examples

Luna LoudFan2l·· @Fan21Loud Follow So apparently someone thought it would be funny to hack the Hungarian #CartoonNetwork post the Ricardo meme there. It's not. CN 覹翌 Mi a szerelem? 10:50 AM-28 Apr 2019 61 Retweets 169 Likes WIN! GUMBALL HERE WATCHA CARTOON NETWORK. 合 HOME AGAMES OVIDE OS 堕SUPERFANS wiN CoAPPS WATCH & PLAY at the same time &A Unmute XD O SPEED CARTOON NET AVAILABLE NOW! 11 빼 0:02 /028 THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL VIDEOS: BARCODEI GUMBALLI CARTOON Sem Serve。 12-33 0 EFF THE POOPE A SEGUIR A gente Sapatos Rimas ACA CESOLA esse cara e viado C Estamos de Olho A gente Escritores MACA E CEBOLA Pizza CN Schedule Archive CN Follow HIVE CNschedules Looks like some international CN sites have been hacked. Weird and/or NSFW videos have been put on the sites of both CN Hurngary ad Bzi... . might wanna avoid 8:55 AM-28 Apr 2019 · 116 Retweets 414 Like

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