The Guy Who Killed Hitler

The Guy Who Killed Hitler

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The Guy Who Killed Hitler refers to a series of jokes, pranks and memes intended to trick people into praising Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, who in World War Ii was responsible for the deaths of millions of Jews, Soviets, non-Jewish Polish civilians, disabled people, homosexuals and more. In 1945, Hitler committed suicide, making him the person responsible for his death. These jokes usually feature the teller suggesting that they "build a statue of the man who killed Hitler" in hopes that another will agree.


The earliest known reference to the "guy who killed Hitler" was posted by Urban Dictionary [1] user Random Blackman 1 on February 17th, 2014. They published a joke in which one person suggest they "make a big ass statue of the man who killed Hitler" (shown below).

Ray "hey man, you know what they should do?" Tim "what?" Ray" they should like, make a big ass statue of the man who killed Hitler." Tim "uh-huh..." Ray "and they could like, gild it with gold and silver and shit, and -" Tim "I don't know about gold and silver, but shit sounds just about right for it." Ray "and they could put it in the middle of D.C., and children could take school field trips to see it, and learn about such an international hero." Tim "Ray, do you know who killed Hitler?" Ray "no, but it was some ally soldier, wasn't it" Tim "no, no, it definitely wasn't an allied soldier" Ray" then who-" tim "he killed himself, you dumb ass." #nazis #race #hypocrisy #napoleon dynamite #country stomping #ass holery by Random Blackman 1 February 17,2014


Later that year, Imgur [2] user Daily Reminder posted a conversation between two internet users in which one calls the "man who killed hitler" a "saint" (shown below, left).

On February 15th, 2018, Urban Dictionary[3] user mydadownsmicrosoft defined "the guy who killed hitler" as "a hero" and used the phrase in the sentence "they should build a statue of the guy who killed hitler" (shown below, right).

This has been flagged as spam hide Not Spam i refuse to think that the man who killed hitler was anything less than a saint Sonnyrazer 1 month ago .Umm Hitler committed suicide by cyanide moviewatcher101ss in reply to Sonnyrazer 1 month ago in playlist Zero Punctuation 81 So by extended logic, that guy thinks that Hitler is a saint. Jacob Murray in reply to moviewatcher101ss 4 weeks ago 111 Hitler couldn't have been that bad. I mean, he killed HITLER for fuck's sake. EnragedTurkey in reply to Jacob Murray 2 weeks ago 94 Yeah, but he also killed the guy who killed Hitler. Solidus1andahalf in reply to EnragedTurkey 1 week ago 60 TOP DEFINITION the guy who killed hitler a hero they should build a statue of the guy who killed hitler #hitler] [the guy who killed by mydadownsmicrosoft February 15, 2018

On September 4th, 2018, Redditor [4] wyattpede11 posted a Paul Ryan PowerPoint Presentation meme with the phrase "There should be a statue for the man who killed hitler." The post received more than 34,000 points (92% upvoted) and 440 comments in less than one year (shown below).

There should be a statue for the man who killed hitler

Various Examples

KILLED THE GUY WHO KILLED THE GUY WHO KILLED HITLER The guy who fucked Hitler s The guy who killed Hitler niece CN CN EXCEPT OF COURSE... NOBODY IS BORN COOL CN CN The guy who killed Hitler
In an act of courage and dignity, this man refuses to stand up and perform the Nazi salute. In April 1945 he would be executed by Hitler himself. getting into art school invading Poland with Russia being born on 4/20 attacking Russia during winter time It's Free Real Estate Killing the man responsible for the Holocaust Soviet Military Hitler British Military Wanting to kill Hitler US Military Canadian Military

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