The Unmatched Power Of The Sun meme example depicting a burst of bright light vaporizing a man from the 2004 television series The 4400.

The Unmatched Power Of The Sun

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The Unmatched Power Of The Sun refers to a series of memes, including video edits and image macros, in which people use the catchphrase "the unmatched power of the sun" for various purposes, depicted as a massive burst of bright light. The memes first appeared in mid-2020 but saw a resurgence in 2021 alongside a promotional video resembling real police footage from the 2004 TV series The 4400 of a police officer getting vaporized by a burst of light that became associated with the meme, sparking confusion about the source and legitimacy of the video.


On August 31st, 2020, Instagram[1] user @half_____price posted an edited Rage Comic[2] in which a drunk driver shows the "unmatched power of the sun" to an officer who pulled him over, resulting in the officer getting vaporized, garnering over 1,500 likes in 11 months (shown below). This is the earliest known upload of the comic, but it is unclear if it was created by the poster. It was then posted to Tumblr[3] the next day, garnering over 2,700 notes in the same span of time.

Car stopped by police A problem, officer? POUCE the What's that bottle unmatched It's power of the officer sun fir


The joke spread slowly over the course of the next year, with memers attaching the phrase "the unmatched power of the sun" to various webcomics and meme formats to add new context. For example, on September 4th, 2020, Instagram[6] user @pensivemoji posted an edited webcomic of Breaking Bad characters where Jesse uses the power of the sun, garnering over 2,000 likes in 10 months (shown below).

Yo Mr. White something came in the mail today What came in the mail today Jesse THE unmatched power of the sun MR. WHITE

The 4400 "Promicin Freak Kills Cop" Promotional Video

On June 11th, 2007, the YouTube[4] channel BanPromicin2477 posted a video titled "Promicin Freak Kills Cop," (shown below) meant to resemble police cruiser footage, showing an officer leaving his car and approaching the driver's side of a pulled-over vehicle, only to be covered in a blinding burst of light and vaporized. His body can be seen smoking afterward. The video gained over 14,000 views in 14 years.

The clip is a promotion for the fourth season of the show, which focuses on a number of missing people who return mysteriously after 60 years with abilities. The chemical "Promicin" is found within these individuals. When used on someone without abilities, it has a fifty-fifty chance of either killing the person or giving them powers. The clip is meant to depict someone killing a cop with Promicin.

On September 23rd, 2020, YouTuber[5] The Meme Archives posted a meme taken from an unknown source showing the edited Rage Comic with a video clip from The 4400 promotion attached as the last panel, gaining over 10,800 views (shown below).

This meme gained significant spread and attention over the course of 2021, shared on sites including Tumblr,[7] iFunny[8] and Instagram[9] without context and sparking considerable confusion about the source of the police video.

Continued Spread

On January 1st, 2021, Instagram[10] user @harvested.memes posted a clip of Mario using a lightning bolt power up in a Mario Kart animation, captioned, "Mario wields the unmatched power of the Sun like a little kid who found his dads’ gun," gaining over 1,900 views in six months (shown below).

Various Examples

ONI 29-30 RESTRICHED UNMATCHED POBER OF THE SUN-CLASS BB LENGTH- 1155 3" BEAH 163 7" DRAST-60 12 DISPL STANDARD- 190,000 T DISPL NORHAL- 130 000 T MAIN BATTERY 4X2 18 BELT 15.4 INCH PROPULSION=3a8,497 HP DESIGNED SPEED-125.5 KN Armor Barbette AntiTorp ManeuveranuILY Bottom 2B497ip EnginėRower 255km TopSpeed 46.1 see CourseChangeTime 200.5 see Course ChangeTime(at Full Spe O013kn/s O Exit Launch Weight: 130,000 / 130,000 t (100%) Cost: $264,887k / 265,000k (100%) You will build 1 Battleship Aft Weight Offset 1% Reinf. Bulk Anti-Flood Citadel V Acceleration 0.008 kn/s Deceleration 076deg/s Turning Rate 609% Tuming Slowdown T76m Turning Girde Detection 20094m Visibility Range +23850m Spotting Bonus 4637 m Torpedo Detection Range Genll Radar Citadel Bulkheads Anti-Flood Armament Super Heavy Shells Increased Standard Ammo Shells Lyddite ll Explosives Ammo Torps Weapons 18 Gun 6x2 8" Gun 8x2 5"Gun 2x3 Deck Torpedo Tubes Hydraulic Turrets Auto Electric Reloading Torp Prop. 24-inch Torp Size Equipment Accuracy +34% Basic Accuracy +130% Long-Range Accuracy -30,-50-40,-60% Accuracy Penalties' Modifie +84% Aiming Speed Armoring Rng-S V Range F Sonarl Acoustics [.) Radio Gen II Radar Armor 15.4 Belt 6" Belt Extended Armor Quality: hi1B% 17 Deck 6" Belt Extended 15.4 4 Deck Extended Belt 142 Conning Tower 15' Turret 17" 4H - + 5 Turret Top 6° Secondaries +118% Armor Quality -76% Gun Damage Received Deck Deck Extended 14.2" Conning Tower + 15" - + Turret -81% Torpedo Damage Received Damage Control -30% Fire Chance -84% Flooding Chance 5" 6" Secondaries - + + Turret Top v e Plan 41% Flash Fire Chance ONI 29-30 RESTRIGHED UNMATCHED POMER OF THE SUN-CLASS BB ? Weights & Costs Me: I AM THE UNMATCHED POWER OF THE SUN Enemy ships: lol ya right My first salvo: 05:01:36 DesignyourownH-dass P Sink10% of BB IWs 322 8 1 2 6 1 13 62 13k1gk x2 x3 x5 V Damage Info v Shoot Info 22 22 VWarship Identifying: 48%. V Report Warship (Sinking..) Importance: V High v Avg Low Warship sinks due to extensive fire! 18:19: Warship got flash fire! 18:19: Wachip is on fire 18:11: BB 18 hits Ws, Main gun, Penetration, 197 dng 18:11: Warship is on fire 18:11: Wahip's Barbette destroyed 18:11: Wahip's Main gun destroyed 18:10: BB 18' hits s, Bow Deck Extended, Penetration, 170 dmg 18:10: War 18:31; BB The hmatched power of the sun spotted 17:29: W16 hits BB, Bow Belt Extended, Penetration, 27 dmg 16:14: BB The 15:40: BB 18" hits Mid Deck, Penetration, 260 dmg is on fire spotted Them: (edited) Me: 5aukбyу31.png The unmatched power of the sun POLICE the What's that bottle unmatched It's power of the officer sun chopper guess what came in the mail today what came in the mail today lufty the UNMATCHED POWER of the SUN chopper

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