There Are Only Two Genders

There Are Only Two Genders

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"There Are Only Two Genders" is an expression typically used online to dismiss the idea of nonbinary gender identities, and is commonly used to caption various exploitable image macros.


On March 12th, 2015, iFunny user Bobbert_Ross_2015 uploaded a GIF of the character Steven Urkel from the 1990s television sitcom Family Matters with the caption "When someone says there is more than two genders" (shown below).

When someone says "There is more than 2 genders"


On October 6th, 2015, the meme spread to FunnyJunk,[2] an image of the character Tom Cat from Tom and Jerry laughing at the idea of nonbinary genders (shown below).

Tom laughing

On June 5th, the anakednotion YouTube channel uploaded a video in which host Laci Green explains the difference between biological sex and gender titled "More Than 2 Genders?" (shown below). Within three years, the video received more than 680,000 views.

On July 7th, 2016, Redditor /u/Moltencleavag posted a screencap of a google search asking for the number of genders on /r/funny with the title "Google is about to trigger so many people", to which Google replied that there were only 2 genders (shown below).[3]

Google is about to trigger so many people

On September 15th, 2016, Imgur user Brayy submitted an animated GIF of Neil DeGrasse Tyson captioned with "There are only 2 genders". The image went on to receive 1,941 points and 60,000 views (shown below)[4]

Neil DeGrasse Tyson gif

On June 21st, 2017, lacigreen posted a video titled "How Many Freakin Genders," in which she discussed the different perspectives on gender identity. Within five months. the video received upwards of 1.6 million views and 31,200 comments.

Various Examples

there are only 2 genders bl1ndjust1c3 goth, and jock bl1ndjust1c3 Joth is a hybrid between being a goth and a jock. Ever wanted to play sports but not be a conformist at the same time? Now you can be a jock and goth all while being accepted. Avoid conforming. This may be easier said than done, depending.. M.WIKIHOW.COM i was wrong LOOK AT ALL THEM GENDERS OWM DO YOUTHINK ..TWO . What The F--- Is This S---? LETS PUT YOU ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS. OUTSIDE, LTL GUY. HERE ARE ONL TWO GENDERS OWLTURD.COm Here is a list of every existing gender Male Female funny. There are only 2 genders and science can prove it CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY

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