They're Groovin'

They're Groovin'

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They're Groovin' refers to a surreal image posted by Instagram user spoomk which shows stick figures from the Oh Yeah Woo Yeah meme dancing. The image inspired several parodies on Reddit, as well as a popular YouTube video about the image.


On March 21st, 2019, Instagram user spoomk[1] posted the original "They're Groovin'" image on their page, gaining over 10,000 likes (shown below).

heyre groovin


Over the following several months, the image became parodied in various ways on Reddit. The same day as the original post, a deep fried variation was posted to /r/nukedmemes by user lilpastasauce1,[3] gaining over 1,400 points (shown below, left). A variation posted July 2nd in /r/paydaytheheist[4] by user tuckshopdan gained over 200 points (shown below, right).

very deep fried they groovin' meme ere ovin EE TASTCOU

On July 18th, 2019, YouTuber timotainment posted a video based on the image which used surreal memes tropes such as disjointed, robotic voice and heavy reverb on the punchline. It gained over 65,000 views (shown below). The same day, the video was posted to /r/YouTubeHaiku.[2]

After the video got popular, "They're Groovin'" became a popular reaction image on Reddit. For example, Redditor Newtac0s posted a reaction image in /r/dankmemes[5] that gained over 1,500 points (shown below, left). User FaZe_Omega posted an example in /r/memes[6] that gained over 7,300 points (shown below, right).

*Holds an app to delete it* All the other apps: they're groovin Newtockos Police officer: Why did you bring all the epileptic children to a laser tag. Me: hey re groOvin

Various Examples

The entire class when the teacher's ringtone goes off hey re groOvin Gatdsetorsco indian guy: *blows into stick* snakes: yre groOvin Xenon Jay54 Therapist Wby are you hanging the sheep? Me: tney're groovin gTOOvin made with mematic cowboy advice 1. be rootin 2. be tootin and by god be shootin 3. but most of all ney re groOvin Girl's Locker Room: Ugh PE Is so stupid Boy's Locker Room: hey're groovin nobody: the entire class when the kahoot music starts They're groovin

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