Thingken of Life

Thingken of Life

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"Thingken of Life" is a phrase associated with a close-up selfie of a teary-eyed teenager found on Facebook and subsequently spread on Tumblr, where it became a subject of mockeries and parodies for its cringeworthy quality. In the original Facebook post, when asked by a friend why he was upset, the boy responded "thingken of life."


The photograph and his comment on Facebook were first brought to attention by Tumblr user fcukyeah[1] on January 16th, 2011. In just over three years, the post garnered more than 16,000 notes.

:[ Alyssa Parks Why January 6 at 2:44pm . Flag were you crying Francisco Sierra thingken of life January 6 at 2:45pm Flag


Alyssa Parks: Why were you crying :[?
Francisco Sierra: thingken of life


Over the years, the Tumblr post has spawned numerous parodies in which various fan drawings of fictional characters are shown in tears and overlaid with a Facebook-style conversation based on the snowclone "Thingken of X." Perhaps the most well-known iteration is a parody illustration of Sonic the Hedgehog shedding tears while "thingken of fast" (a reference to Gotta Go Fast), which was posted on 4chan /v/ (video games) board on August 16th, 2012.

Knuckles the Echid naenrynaeyiRI 41yitg :l? January 6th at 2:44pm Flag Sonic the Hedgehog thingken of fast January 6th at 2:45pm Flag

On January 21st, 2013, the Facebook selfie was submitted to FunnyJunk by user xxxcodsniperproxxx, and on March 16th, the same image made its way onto Reddit in an /r/cringe post[3] submitted by Redditor Superbuza. Throughout 2013, more fan art parodies continued to surface on DeviantART, Derpibooru and Tumblr, many of them featuring fictional characters from a variety of media franchises, including My Little Pony, Dark Souls, as well as some Internet personalities and character memes.

Pinkie Pe why were you crying :? Tonuory 6th ot 2:49pm Flog Applejack thingken oPopple Gwynevere Why were you crying? Like Reply a few seconds ago Chosen Undead Thinken of souls Like Reply a few seconds ago

Notable Examples

Wojak Why were you crying 1? January 6 at 2:4-4pm Flag Pepe thingken of no gf January 6 at 2:45pm Flag , wojak I know that feel, bro. January 6 at 2:46pm Flag Clefable January 6th at 2:44pm Fag Blissey thingken of balk January 6th at 2:45pm Flag Arin Hanson Why were you crying January 6th at 2:44pm Fag Jon Jafari thingken of ech anuary 6th at 2:45pm Fag
Simon Blackquill Why were you crying, Fool Bright. 10 minutes ago Like Bobby Fulbright thingken of justice 9 minutes ago Like Crag the Hackhog Why were you crying? January 6th at 2:44pm Flag Sandro the Necrohog Thingken of skeletons January 6th at 2:45pm Flag

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