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This Is a Certified Hood Classic

Added 4 years ago by Adam • Updated 6 months ago by andcallmeshirley
Added 4 years ago by Adam • Updated 6 months ago by andcallmeshirley

Squidward screaming at Mr. Krabs
Squidward screaming at Mr. Krabs

Category: Meme Status: confirmed Year: 2012 Origin: Trap-A-Holics Region:
Type: Catchphrase
Tags: trap music trap-a-holics 1kzz bossonsj mclovin' flater natepoleon's meme corner david markey quinn

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This Is a Certified Hood Classic is a catchphrase associated with Trap Music due a soundbite saying the phrase that is ubiquitous in the music of rap group Trap-A-Holics and others. Its ubiquity led to its use in many popular parody videos.


While the first known use of the sample is unclear, it was posted to YouTube on September 1st, 2012 by user 1kzz (shown below).


The phrase became a cliché of trap music alongside "Damn son, where'd ya find this?" and "Real trap shit." On January 13th, 2013, YouTuber bossonsj posted a parody video in which it was discovered that the actor behind McLovin' from Superbad was responsible for the voice clips. The video gained over 2 million views (shown below).

The phrase was further popularized by its use in SiivaGunner's We Are Number One remix, posted September 16th, 2016, that gained over 2.3 million views (shown below, left). A video version of the remix posted by Flater on November 1st, 2016 gained over 8 million views (shown below, right).

In 2019, the phrase began appearing in more parody videos as people remixed nonsensical footage into trap music. For example, on May 26th, 2019, YouTuber David Markey Quinn posted an edit of a man eating lettuce, gaining over 15,000 views (shown below, left). On July 17th, YouTuber Natepoleon's Meme Corner posted a video in which the soundclip played over several animals sitting, gaining over 3,500 views (shown below, right).

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