Vagina Bones

Vagina Bones

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Vagina Bones is an internet slang term that refers to a woman's pelvic bones. While it has been occasionally used to describe the visible outlines of the femurs in casual conversations, mostly in the context of female characters in Japanese anime and manga, the word became a target of online mockeries in May 2016 after being mentioned in a tweet protesting the censorship of a female character's physical features in the Western version of the Japanese role-playing video game Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.


On September 16th, 2006, Urban Dictionary[1] user Leah&Jenna submitted an entry for "vagina bone," defining the term as slang for "pelvis bone."

vagina bone a slang term for the pelvis bone. commonly used only among girls. "holy heck, you just kneed me in the vagina bone!" #vagina #bone #kneed #pain #girls by Leah&Jenna September 16, 2006


On February 23rd, 2011, the Japanese entertainment blog Japanator[8] highlighted a screenshot of a poorly-translated scene from the anime series Dream Eater Merry, in which young boy complains that a swimsuit doesn't show off a female character's "vagina bones" (shown below).

TRS Couldn't you have found a swimsuftthat shows off Merry's vagina bones a little better? PAIATOR

On July 7th, 2012, a Baby Center Forums[7] member submitted a post titled "24 weeks and my vagina bones feel broken," in which she complained about experiencing pelvic pain after giving birth. On March 29th, 2013, a Cheat Engine Forums[6] user commented on a video game character's attractiveness by remarking "she got them vagina bones." On June 12th, 2015, NarutoBase Forums member NukaCola referred to the Naruto character Sarada's pelvis as her "vagina bones" (shown below).

06-12-2015, 05:09 AM #3 NukaCola March of the Black Queen Re: Did you guys notice the scar on Sarada? That's just her pelvis or "vagina bones" as some people would say Show SANNIN Status Gender: Join Date: Posts: 0 Mar 2014 6,120 All through the years in the end it appears, there was never really anyone but me

Censorship Controversy

On May 13th, 2016, Twitter user @Sebban_E posted a tweet[2] comparing the differences between a female character's depiction in the Japanese and Western versions of the role-playing video game Tokyo Mirage Sessions, claiming that the character's "cleavage" and "vagina bones" had been removed (shown below).

Sebban @Sebban_E Follow @CensoredGaming._ #TokyoMirageSessions Not only did they remove her cleavage, but they also removed her vagina bones. 10:38 AM -13 May 2016 다 387 , 331

Following the tweet, some Twitter users mocked @Sebban_E for using "vagina bones" while others defended and/or joked about his use of the slang term (shown below).

YOU GOT THAT WRONG @NotFaulty Follow Waiting for a video where a gamergater steals a prop skeletorn from their high school biology class to prove vagina bones exist 9:36 AM- 17 May 2016 わ다 17 35 twink typhoon @LucidSpike Follow wait people have never jokingly called them vagina bones before? i do that all the time y'all are squares 4:15 PM - 14 May 2016

On May 14th, Redditor B-Volleyball-Ready submitted @Sebban_E's tweet to the /r/KotakuInAction[4] subreddit, requesting that the community would turn "vagina bones" into a "meme". On May 17th, The Daily Dot[3] published an article mocking the "vagina bones" tweet. The following day, HeatStreet[5] published an article about the online controversy, noting that user @Sebban_E was referencing "a five-year-old meme."

On May 17th, 2023, Redditor cripsymendowan posted about Link's torso in Tears of the Kingdom, facetiously asking if there was a reason Nintendo gave Link "a vagina bones." The post spread outside of Reddit and onto Twitter, where many users were confused to learn of the "vagina bones" meme.

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