'Vagina Bones,' A Wondrous Phrase From Internet Yesteryear, Returns In Discussion Of Link In 'Tears Of The Kingdom'

May 24th, 2023 - 4:17 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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Long ago (read: 2016), there was a great controversy surrounding a Tokyo Mirage Sessions character who had her design changed when she made her way into Western versions of the game.

Her chest was noticeably smaller and lines defining the outline of her abs on the lower half of her torso were removed. One Twitter user bemoaned the change, saying, "Not only did they remove her cleavage, but they also removed her vagina bones."

In the years since the tweet, the slang term and idea of "vagina bones" tickled internet users but was largely forgotten — that is, until last week when a Redditor noticed the tell-tale pelvic lines on Link in Tears of the Kingdom and asked, "Is there any reason on why Nintendo gave link a vagina bones ?" [sic].

vagina bones link

The post lived in relative internet obscurity until yesterday when it was reposted to Twitter by @togepissy and later by @Broweaten, who used a Fellas, Is It Gay joke to mock the poster.

From there, gags about Reddit creeps and fragile masculinity flooded Twitter, hitting all the points of "Vagina Bones" Discourse Round 1: that these are simply normal human muscles and have nothing to do with one's gender, and the Redditor was being too sensitive about a fictional character's anatomy.

pelvic muscles vagina bones pelvic bones miss_raven_n

Of course, many people remembered the origin of the "vagina bones" meme and attempted to educate others about their meme history. The question remains as to if Redditor crispymendowan, the writer of the Link "vagina bones" post, did as well.

It seems likely, as the post came on Reddit's /r/tomorrow, which is a sub dedicated to Nintendo-related memeing, and crispymendowan has demonstrated some knowledge of saucy internet memes before, so although they never confirmed they were referring to the "vagina bones" meme in their post about Link, it's plausible they know about it.

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