Valve, Add This Please!

Valve, Add This Please!

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▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Valve, ░░░░░█ 
 ▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░Add This░░░░█  


Valve, Add This Please! is a catchphrase associated with an ASCII Art resembling Facebook's "Like" button that is typically used as a seal of approval for a proposed video game or add-on features to existing titles on Valve's online marketplace Steam, particularly within the Workshop[1] and Greenlight[2] communities.


The original ASCII is created out of 5 unicode symbols including: Light Shade "░" – 0×2591, Dark Shade "▓" – 0×2593, Full Block "█" – 0×2588, Upper Half Block "▀" – 0×2580 and Lower Half Block "▄" – 0×2584. The phrase "valve, add this please" has been used by Steam users since as early as October 2011, with the first known instance posted by user Hooded Owl in the comments section of "The Bellhop",[3] a popular add-on item for Team Fortress 2. On July 21st, 2012, the ASCII art was used for the first time by Steam user Lucas2616 in support of "The Ankle Biter" add-on item available for Team Fortress 2 on Workshop.[4]. Later that same month, on August 30th, the ASCII art made its first appearance on the Steam Greenlight forum page for 8BitMMO[5], a massively multiplayer, free-to-play game that was subsequently picked up for release in December 2013.


The ASCII art rendition of the "Like" button has been also used by Facebook users since as early as 2011.[6]


Both the phrase and the picture gained popularity on Steam forums. The sentence was reused on October 16 by The Fastest Shot in the West [7]. The ASCII was copied three times by BlueFox, first at 4:15pm and Vimy at 4:18pm on Steam Greenlight[8][9]and by Biohazard Paladin [HUN] on Steam Workshop. From 2012 up to now, people created over 100 variantions of 'Valve, Add this please!' and wrote over 100 000 related comments. On October 26, 2013, user Piranha developed a remake of weapon P90 from game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive painted in popular and recurring comments containing 'Epic' and 'Valve~ Add This Please!'. It received over 40 positive comments[10]. On November 14, 2014, Steam Workshop released a new update featuring decrease of spam, by removal of comment threads. The litter was mentioned as 'Giant ASCII art' reffering to 'Valve, Add This Please!' fad[11]. Dota 2 players players responded positively on Reddit[12].

Derivative: Mega Ultra Epic

This ASCII is originating from Steam Workshop. The Unicode elements its made of are 'Valve, Add This Please!' excluding Dark Shade "▓" – 0×2593. Its first known appearance is MCQubill's comment from December 29th, 2012, 5:42am on Team Fortress 2 item Name Badge[13] in form of Epic Smiley, based on FishSticks™'s ASCII[14] mixed up with 'Add it now Valve!' and 'Epic' ASCII, later reposted by ♥Kawaii♥, Foxy, Sir-loot-a-lot, zeanzoom, Breakfast_Alcohol, Samekasve, EternalScout and Chaos Deamon[15]. It shortly after leaked out to Steam Greenlight, generally used in combination of 'Mega Ultra' and 'Valve, Add This Please! And Give Me One!'. However, it got bad reception from Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2.[16][17]

█▄░▄█░█▀▀░█▀▀▀░ █▀█  
█░░█░█░▀▀█▀▀░█▀█░ █▀█  

Notable Examples

TotallyNotNotNotNotTim 5 Lip, 2014-4:28 AIlike the art style! RustyOatmeal Holy cow, yes 5 Lip, 2014-3:51 tHE-REVELATION 5 Lip, 2014-3:45 Valve Add This Please! And Give Me One! shinigami i think it can be more awesome need more reworks but :like 5 Lip, 2014-3:37 Dark Sonic123 vote for this i want to play the full game!! 5 Lip, 2014-3:3 ivan13521 5 Lip, 2014-3:24 Intresting it looks like a horror game for children Bulb Boy Team [autor] 5 Lip, 2014-2:11 @HyperX Yes, we have only 10% on Ks.. sucks. Steam is a retail store for games with unlimited shelf space, so why do you care what they put on the shelf. I think that should put most of the greenlight games on Steam to give consumers more choice. Its not like steam only puts good games on its service, Lets not forget Revelations 2012, just bad. I really enjoyed playing this game and would recommend it to everyone except CAUSE. :) Dark Matter YES! 18 Wrz. 2012- 22:10 Shadow Gamer 18 Wrz, 2012- 19:15 18 Wrz. 2012- 18:42 cause Megasquare, I've spent more money on keys in TF2, then the amount of all your paid games combined. Yes, I only make 5 dollars a year. Right :) Gaia004 When the hell will this game be avaliable!?1!? 18 Wrz. 2012- 16:44 Moodic @Cause, not everyone is a poor guy who gets payed 5$ per year 18 Wrz. 2012- 10:00 9 Wrz. 2012- 2:10 This game just made my day. It's hilarious CaptainMacko McPixel really deserves to be on Steam! 9.5/10 9 Wrz. 2012 1:58 9 Wrz, 2012 1:16 McPixel is awesome and funny :D This games got it from Flintstones to Star Wars Meta-Boss。 this game deserves to be on steam. you sir are a model example of an indie game maker 9 Wrz, 2012 1:06 Du verrückt? 9 Wrz. 2012 0:56 x2 Adventure Square Sorry Steam, your greenlight system is too slow. Purchased this game elsewhere 9 Wrz. 2012 0:54 Alpha Threat 9 Wrz. 2012 0:42
Zaptimus Prime It reminds me of Little Inferno, and I loved that game, so l think I'll love this game too! 4 Lip, 2014-22:09 little dinosaur 4 Lip, 2014-21:24 AliDaaAkbar 4 Lip, 2014-20:20 Valve Add This Please! And Give Me One! Sil3nC czesc, yeah, sounds fgood i just want more yo steam!! just add this game! 4 Lip, 2014-20:01 rebbysaur This is great. The sound design is excellent, the characters are quirky and instantly likeable, and the lighting effects and shadows are amazing. I hope the puzzles become a bit more challenging than what was in the demo and that it maybe gets a bit scarier (though there wasn't anything to be scared of in the demo..). I really like what I see so far and I'd love to see this idea fully realized! Lip, 2014-18:3 Lying Cake im 99% sure this will come on steam! Lip, 2014-18:3 Personally, i think this game is a terrible waste of a good developers time and prowess. Certainly not impressed. But this is only my opinion and i hope those of you that enjoy games of this type have a fantastic time playing it Ufelement 9 Wrz. 2012 8:27 Turbz 9 Wrz. 2012- 7:56 Turbz WANT IT 9 Wrz, 2012- 7:56 ForAStifferNick 9 Wrz, 2012-7:3 Dr. Hoffman 10 Sie, 2014-12:16 YES YES YES YES YES (FAZE) Detective Chimp SUPER HOT 9 Sie, 2014-22:5 DarkSprinkleFarter 9 Sie, 2014-4:4 (Czech NoOb sick" :. 8 Sie, 2014-21:53 I LOVE Na'Vi SUPER HOT 7 Sie, 2014-14:57 Captain Hagrid Powers yay 7 Sie, 2014-8:14 Shaving Ryan awesome! 6 Sie, 2014-5:56 Silver 5 Sie, 2014-12:57 Xx SN1P3R xx 4 Sie, 2014-20:48

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