WAGMI / NGMI meme depicting Zyzz the celestial and his embrace.


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WAGMI / NGMI, also known as We're All Gonna Make It or Not Gonna Make It, is a catchphrase from 4chan's fitness board /fit/ that was popularized by the icon and bodybuilder Zyzz. Since its inception, it's been used in 4chan and adjacent communities to show comradery and a willingness to keep going in life. Around 2020, WAGMI began to see use inside crypto and meme stock communities as a way to show unification, with the opposite phrase, NGMI, finding use when dips occur.


During one of his motivational videos, Zyzz is quoted as saying that there's no hate for yourself for not looking like him or listening to haters because "we're all going to make it." This became a catchphrase within the online bodybuilding community, which would say the phrase to each other as a form of coping with struggles in real life. A video of his motivational speech where he says the iconic line was uploaded to YouTube[1] on March 24th, 2012, by the YouTuber Jamie Tree, where it gained 1.7 million views in nine years (shown below).

Following his death in 2011, a webcomic was made where Zyzz says the motivational line again. A video retelling of the webcomic, complete with sad music, was uploaded to the YouTube[2] channel SuustSuhu on November 30th, 2012, where it gained 532,000 views in nine years (shown below).


Despite his death in 2011, Zyzz and his catchphrase continued to spread online, with the phrase being repeated often in forums and threads whether he was directly mentioned or not. Even a decade later, such as a post on July 31st, 2021, greentext stories using the phrase continued to circulate on 4chan and Reddit[3] (example shown below).

: Anonymous 07/31/21(Sat)15:51:50 No.64783154 >Leaving petsmart today after grabbing some food for my dog >See some 5'4" dude hand in hand with a goth looking girl who was at least 10 inches taller than him Congrats to that guy We're all gonna make it 253 KB PNG

Zyzz and his catchphrase became so prevalent in the early 2020s that Amazon listings had notebooks featuring his silhouette and phrase on sale beginning in March 2020 (shown below).[4]

Composition Notebook: Zyzz We Are All Gonna Make It Brah White Sport Notebook Journal/Notebook Blank Lined Ruled 6x9 100 Pages Paperback – March 25, 2020 Composition Notebook by Kristin Drechsler book (Author) WE'RE See all formats and editions ALL GONNA MAKE IT BRAH! Paperback $6.03 vprime 1 New from $6.03 Enjoy this simple, well-designed, undated daily personal inventory journal that?s perfect for raising self-awareness and staying focused on the things that matter. With a bright, encouraging cover and intuitive layout, it can help you stay on track and work your recovery program by taking inventory of your day for two full months. With sections for reflection on gratitude, interpersonal connection, choices, mood, and the events of your day.

Use In Meme Stocks / Cryptocurrency Communities

A side-community to /fit/ on 4chan, /biz/, the business board of the site, also adopted the use of the catchphrases in 2021, similar to WallStreetBets that has overlap within the two communities (notably when it came to the WallStreetBets Gamestop Squeeze in which 4chan /biz/ threads were being posted on WallStreetBets often). Due to the nature of stocks, particularly meme stocks, they are seen as a collaborative effort to help the greater community with personalized theories on maximum efficiency, leading to the presence and lingo from /fit/ bleeding over, including WAGMI and NGMI. This is most prevalent in greentext stories that talk about earning crypto, having it go well or sometimes not well at all but finding a sense of purpose, such as in the post on /r/Greentextstories[5] by the Redditor dewd546 on July 11th, 2021, which received over 900 upvotes in four months (shown below).

: Anonymous We are all gonna make it 07/11/21(Sun)10:04:10 No.64521625 >Be me >Depressed, morbidly obese (rejected from weight watchers), khv, NEET >Find out abt crypto >doge.excited >Invest all of my wageslave 438 KB PNG savings ($2000) into doge coin >lose 75% >still interested in crypto and find out about this meme crypto called banano (real thing) >literally dumbest s--- ever >find out you can earn banano by watching videos on their streaming platform that other viewers pay to queue up >make banano by watching retarded videos and laughing w autists in the chat >finally found a community that accepts me >we are all gonna make it robots

Similarly, NGMI (Not Gonna Make It) refers to when a trader doesn't have Diamond Hands and is thinking of selling because of a dip or to lock in profits without waiting for them to get bigger. It is also used as a noun when referring to shitcoins that will never make it. An example of an NGMI meme using it as a noun to signify a shitcoin was uploaded to the /r/NGMI[6] subreddit by Redditor cottonkittyx on May 18th, 2021, showing a McDonald's worker who has a large bag of a crypto that will never take off (shown below).

me going to Mt.Mcdonald with my bag of ngmi when it reaches 12$

Various Examples

NGMI'S. SPET LIGHTYEAR CNGMI'S EVERYWHERE imgfip.com a true conversationalist mysillycomics PeSv2: NGMI/USD 1D Hedn Ashi 0.1248 HO.1300 LO. 125 CO.1274 -0.0077 (5) volume 610. hey little man hows it goin? NGM) NGMI yea NG MI NGMI hehe you will never catch me Wait NGMI how dare you be a shitcoin turned serious altcoin with a real use case providying custom smart contract generators, verified code audits, code analyzer, rugcheck tutorials and comfy LGBTQ+ JEW community with a fixed total supply that is 21x more scarce than Bitcoin

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