When You Nut In Space, It Push You Backwards

When You Nut In Space, It Push You Backwards

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When You Nut In Space, It Push You Backwards refers to a clip from The McElroy Brothers podcast My Brother, My Brother, and Me in which, while discussing the logistics of sexual intercourse in space, Griffin McElroy says "When you nut, it push you backwards." The phrase became a popular joke on Twitter in which fans of the podcast used it as a punchline in various setups.


The clip comes from the 401st episode of My Brother, My Brother, and Me, posted April 9th, 2018.[1] While discussing the logistics of sex in space, Griffin McElroy says the phrase "When you nut, it push you backwards." On April 21st, 2018, animator Fraser Connell posted an animation of the scene to YouTube, gaining 33,000 views (shown below).


After the episode of the podcast aired, Twitter users began joking about the clip. Early posts about the phrase include a Push It Somewhere Else Patrick posted by @Ani_Flex (shown below, left) and a joke about Neil DeGrasse Tyson's "Awesome" Tweet by @JoeTheDough (shown below, right).

DanganRonPaul @Ani_Flex ( Follow ) WHEN YOU NUT IN SPACE IT PUSH YOU BACK Joe Saunders @JoeTheDough Followv Every time l see a NdGT tweet I think "But if you nut in space, do it push you backwards?" Neil deGrasse Tyson neiltyson In my day, the word "Awesome" was reserved for things like curing Polio and walking on the Moon, not for food or TV shows. 2:44 AM 13 Apr 18

On April 20th, 2018, Hank Green discovered a Tyson tweet from 2011 in which Tyson seemed to be related to the copypasta. Green's tweet joking about Tyson's gained over 5,100 retweets and 24,000 likes (shown below, left). Other Twitter users joked about the phrase by adding it into very setups. For example, Twitter user @IceLevel made a joke combining the phrase with a line from X-Men (shown below, right). Additionally, an internet user by the handle Anonymous Loris[2] created a Google Document investigating the claim.

A Hank Green @hankgreen Follow So...when you nut in space...it push you backwards? Neil deGrasse Tysons. @neiltyson .@remygale You ask if ej of your body comes out, you'll recoil. guybrush fleetwood @ICELEVEL Follow Do you know what happens to a toad when it nuts in space? The same thing that happens to everything else 7:18 PM-23 Apr 2018

Various Examples

cami4real @camibluth Follow Friends: "Wow look at you listening to your podcasts all the time. How intellectual!" Me: "hahah yeah totally' Griffin McElroy, in my ears: "When you NUT IN SPACE, it PUSH YOU BACKWARDS." 9:45 PM - 14 Apr 2018 35 Persona ebooks Persona_ebooks Follow Makoto: Okumura Spaceport is truly a nightmare of a palace... Ryuji: Yeah, we can't let this dude get away with abusing his workers like this! Ren: Ren: when you nut in space, it push u backwards 12:27 PM -23 Apr 2018 teddy Follow @kahunaguzma If Winston overwatch nuts in space it pushe:s him backwards 10:03 PM -20 Apr 2018 skylar Follow @zoneofadventure angus mcdonald voice] hello sirs! when you nut in space, it push you backwards. 2:38 AM - 24 Apr 2018 A SAFE SPACE FOR BUFF DADS @xfwipsx Follow When you nut in space, no one can hear it push you backward 11:27 PM -22 Apr 2018 Um Jammer Leslie @garbage_hime *lt's Alwavs Sunny title card* The Gang Finds Out That When You Nut in Space It Push You Backwards 12:26 PM -20 Apr 2018 Follow ) 、

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After googling this for a while it seems that getting an erection in space is nigh impossible. It might work with aid in the form of viagra (and even then, the dosage needed is unknown to current science).

This is because of a lot of issues, including a heart that doesn't pump blood as hard, less blood in the lower body thanks to zero g pooling it in your torso, and the lowering of testosterone making you less horny to begin with.

Zero g also affects women, as the lack of gravity causes the blood to pool at the base of the vagina, not along it.


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