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WMAF / AMWF, sometimes also referred to as "WMAF vs AMWF", are a series of memes, discussions and exploitable images that compare, and pit up White Male Asian Female and Asian Male White Female and relationships against one another.


The first instance of an online forum openly making comparisons between WMAF and AMWF can be traced to as early as June 15th, 2011, on a WordPress blog called "Stuff Eurasian Men Like".[1] Its admin, Tenda Spencer, who became years later a lolcow, praised AMWF and "White moms" on several posts.[2][3][4] Spencer also claimed that AMWFs produced "beautiful white-looking babies",[5] which is a belief he was mocked over years later on r/Alt_Hapa,[6] an alternative version of r/hapas, his own subreddit. A meme containing various reaction images laughing at Spencer's blog was posted on the 4chan board /his/ on August 28th, 2021 (shown, below).[7]

WM/AF Hapas should just lie and tell people they have an Asian dad and sexy white mom Hey I just solved my whole Wm/Af problem. Simplest thing in the world. I just tell people I have an Asian dad, and a hot white mom. Problem solved. So simple. I can't believe I let this drag out for so many years. Telling people I'm AM/WF is actually better than telling people I'm full Asian, since it shows an Asian masculine enought to get a YT. And it takes advantage of my mixed looks for good. This old guy at the gym, was surprised I was a former buddhist because I didn't look Asian. I'm sorry I take not looking Asian as a compliment. But in America it is. Anyway I said my dad was Asian and my mom was NORDIC. He said thats a good mix. Stupidly I lied to people at places my mom goes. This reminds me of the old days when I wanted people to think I was pure white, and lied about my mom. Even claiming she was an Asian maid. For people my mom actually might meet, I should just say I'm full Asian. I was just so excited by this new reveleation, I couldn't help putting it into action at every opprotunity.


Instances of discussion and comparisons can be found on 4chan, and on Reddit posts in Asian-male dominated subreddits. On 4chan, there have been at least 7,515 posts that contained both acronyms,[8][9][10] and on Reddit, it's usually a topic of (usually biased) discussions in communities such as r/aznidentity.[11][12][13] On October 2017, after the Las Vegas Shooting, r/aznidentity went on to praise Asian-American EMT Colby Jackson (who is married to a White woman) and condamn the shooter, Stephen Paddock, for being in a WMAF relationship.[14] r/aznidentity also created an image that potrayed the Jacksons as an example of AMWF and the Paddocks as an example of WMAF.[15] The image (shown below, left), was then reposted on 4chan over 20 times.[16][17] On November 27th, 2021, r/wmafs user Bengzin posted an image that revealed Colby Jackson to be a WMAF hapa, which is something Jackson's cousin also mentioned on the Reddit post that was linked on r/aznidentity. The post's image (shown below, right) received over 50 points in one year.[18]

Stephen Paddock, Las Vegas terrorist October 1, 2017 > massacred 58+ > white, bald, fat > asian sex tourist > japanese wife > berates filipina gf > typical WMAF o +71 Photos of Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock - seen in Manila (Philippines) in 2013 with relatives of his girlfriend, Marilou The Main Differences Between WMAF and AMWF Couples EMT Colby and EMT Shannon > Mass shooting survivors > Both are EMTS > Boyfriend shot in arm > Still help rescues others > Patriotic Americans > Loving AMWF "OSA Reality: WMAF Hapa Hero AI r/aznidentity valorouslion • 4y ... AMWF vs WMAF: Good vs evil Stephen Paddock, Las Vegas terrorist October 1, 2017 > massacred 58+ > white, bald, fat > asian sex tourist > japanese wife > berates filipina gf > typical WMAF np.reddit 36 3 Q 17 The Main Differences Between WMAF and AMWF Couples upidmoron99 4v Tronic, really...that a WMAF couple shot an AMWF couple. Obviously one of many, so it wasn't like they were targetted specifically, but something /u/EurasianTiger also predicted... EMT Colby and EMT Shannon ASHLEIGH MAGNUS PHOTOGRAPGHY > Mass shooting survivors > Both are EMTS > Boyfriend shot in arm > Still help rescues others > Patriotic Americans > Loving AMWF 企23 QReply itstheyear3030 4y I dunno. The guy's weapons were scoped, so it's possible he may have spent some time specifically picking out targets in the crowd. I mean, I can't imagine that there were too many AMWF couples at a country concert. What are the chances that he hits His dad's white [deleted] 4v Crackers that view this sub just fainted. 合89 Q Reply one of the few there if he was shooting randomly? guitarhamster 4y They are emts and stayed around helping others, again showing the contrast between wmaf and amwf couples. 4 6 Q Reply O chilibun 4y Him as a kid This guy and the shooter perfectly exemplifies the difference of character in typical AMWF and WMAF relationships. with his father 19 Reply BigCitySmallMan Checkout @careambulancecompany 11 Reply His dad's white so he's That darn Asian patriarchy strikes again /s 07 annalu_destroyer 4y 合14 Reply "He provided treatment in the treatment area WITH A F------ SHATTERED ARM. Give this BigCitySmallMan • 4y man a medal or something" [deleted] 4y My Cousin after surgery for a shattered humerus from catching a bullet in the Arm in Vegas 企54 O Reply #Hypermasculazns 合, 49 Reply Searching for posts with the image hash 'Lmuca1IHVgVOLqujEBuqKQ=='. 19 results found. Christian Noli is ur dad asleep 11 yrs More [deleted amwf vegas.jpg, 840KİB, 2048x2048 Colby Jackson [delete 40.9k 1.0k Yea 11 yrs 合-27 Q Reply + More amwf vegas.jpg, 840KİB, 20- BigCitySmallMan 4y His dad's white so he's gotta little country in him haha Colby Jackson Anonymous ID:x3Wu9r7 Fri 15 Oct 2021 Reply Colby Jackson's Photos in Randomness · Jul 20, 2010 · 26 +, 田 II

More discussions, bait threads and memes on the topic of WMAF and AMWF spread on 4chan, mostly started by netizens of Asian descent who couldn't be deliberate enough on Reddit. On April 26th, 2017, a meme portraying AMWF and their offsprings as attractive and WMAF as unattractive was posted on /r9k/, and reposted 30 times on various boards (shown below, left).[19][20] A response to this meme, with a reversal of the portrayal on the interracial combinations was posted on /pol/ on August 25th, 2021, and reposted over 15 times (shown below, right).[21][22]


On January 30th, 2018, a similar meme portraying AMWF as young and good looking, and WMAF as old, was posted on /tv/, and reposted over 380 times on various boards (shown below, left).[23][24][25] A response to this newer version was posted on October 9th, 2019, on /pol/, and portrayed WMAF as an actual couple while AMWF was potrayed an Asian man browsing r/aznidentity, r/AsianMasculinity and looking at White women on his smartphone (shown below, right).[26]


On May 8th, 2021, an r/AsianMasculinity user made a tally of WMAF and AMWF couples that he saw in person while being in America and Britain. The tally numbered to 264 for WMAF and 34 for AMWF. The post received over 65 points in one year.[27] A screenshot of the post (shown, below) was posted on /tv/ on October 7th, 2021, and has been reposted over 15 times ever since.[28]

r/ASIANMASCULINITY COMMENTS Dating & Relationships A Tally of in-person WMAF and AMWF self.Asian Masculinity submitted 5 months ago by [deleted] Screenshot: Background: After reading one-too-many "I'm Asian and my white boyfriend" posts on Facebook, I made the overdue decision to quit social media cold turkey. Soon after I created a tally sheet of Asian/White couples I encounter on a typical day, beginning January 2019. This didn't include whatever I see on social media/the internet/etc., just in person. I don't keep this to hold grudges or to make personal excuses against improving myself, but as a reminder that gaslighting of this issue is nothing more than gaslighting. Locations: California/Utah/Kentucky/New York/United Kingdom. 129 comments share save hide report 34 264 Total: 298, Average: 149.00 Tap on the value to increment Tap and hold to reorder counters Swipe left to delete or reset You are not a member of this community. Please respect that by not downvoting. 69 AMWF WMAF

Asian Fetish / Yellow Fever

Asian Fetish, also commonly known as Yellow Fever, is defined as sexualised objectification or stereotypization towards people of East Asian and South East Asian descent. As a debated and analyzed phenomenon, widely considered to be problematic, it is associated in meme culture with captioned images of WMAF couples or of Caucasian and Asian males and females trying to capitalize on fetishism (examples shown, below).


Tenda Spencer / EurasianTiger

Tenda Conrad Spencer, also known by his online username "EurasianTiger":on June 15th, 2011, is an American designer, illustrator, artist, writer, blogger and former YouTuber who gained online notoriety due to his personal crusade against White Male Asian Female couples, while relentlessly promoting Asian Male White Female instead. Considered by many a lolcow, Spencer became infamous on the Internet for his slander, misinformation, bullying and harassment towards WMAF couples and their offsprings, which involved directly and indirectly, several online personalities in the process.

EURASIAN WRITER Asian women that love white men : F--- you! Don't have children! Asian men that love white women : impregnate white women! Thate Asian women! F--- you Asian women!" White men are losers! White men are RAPISTS! White men are TOO NICE! Don't have children! WOMEN ARE White men Losers! are 5"2 ! ADUSE G---! Autists! Nazis! DON T SPEAK White men r--- and kill our women! Bald! MORE LIKE エT. THIS IS Why Half Asian Guys Obsess over White gírls EURASIANTIGER RACIST, UNEMPLOYED WHITE FATHER SELF HATING, DVED HAIR MENTALLY ILL ASINN MON


r/hapas is a subreddit in which multiracial Reddit users that have in common an Asian background share their stories, talk about themselves, their issues, experiences, families and related topics, such as hapa representation and reception in media. Originally created by Tenda Spencer as one of his main forums dedicated to bad-mouthing and shunning WMAF couples and their offsprings, the subreddit holds a commonly negative reputation and being labeled as an incel community.

"F------ White Chads stealing our women" "Lol all asian women who date white men are just w-----" NO GIRLS ALLOWED WOMEN NEVER DATE NICE GUYS LIKE ME IHATE THOSE F------ BITCHES (Suffers from Nice Guy Syndrome) Being Half Asian What white people think I look like What Asians think I look like What I think I look like What I actually look like

Elliot Rodger

On the night of May 23rd, 2014, a 22-year-old University of California student named Elliot Rodger went on a mass killing spree near the Santa Barbara campus in Isla Vista, California, killing seven people, including himself, and wounding 13 others. Rodger, often nicknamed "Supreme Gentleman," is usually used as a strawman argument, which implied that his mixed-race background from a WMAF couple is what caused him to end up the way he did. It was used multiple times in a Twitter raid against American writer Celeste Ng.[29]

Celeste Ng @pronounced_ing Follow The harassers that send hate messages frequently reference Elliot Rogers, the part- Asian mass shooter at UC Santa Barbara. Furthermore, honor killings (or even killings) are not the only signs of a problem. We are TELLING YOU harassment is a big and widespread problem. AMWF COUPLE IN 2014 Quote: Originally Posted by ElliotRodger a Tyger, stop linking fake pictures of white girls with asian men. Any asian man can pay a white h----- to take pictures with him and pretend she's his girlfrie Full Asian men are disgustingly ugly and white girls would never go for you. You're just butthurt that you were born as an asian p------------, so you lash ou you were half white, You'll never be half-white and you'll never fulfill your dream of marrying a white woman. I suggest you jump off a bridge. Quote: Originally Posted by Tyger She has a tumbir for Asian male models and her boyfriend is Asian. What? .WHAT?! Are you telling me that an Asian boy snagged this blonde beauty while I'm struggling as an incel? No f------ way. Link the tumblr. If this is true I'm going to burst with rage. SAME AMWF COUPLE IN 2016 ITNESS NIKE Victims of WMAF offspring Elliot Rodgers

AMWF vs. WMAF Hapas Infographics

AMWF vs. WMAF Hapas Infographics are a series of exploitable images showcasing side by side actors, models, athletes, singers, celebrities and the likes that are offsprings of both AMWF and WMAF interracial couples. These infographics are used for various purposes (dedicated entry for details).

Kai Huening Mark-Paul Gosselaar Harry B. Harris Jr Julien Kang Russell Wong Billy Sing Darren Criss Fei Xiang Lou Diamond Vernon Choi Viktor Tsoi Greg Pak Dave Bautista Masao Kusakari Don Wilson Dmitry Bivol Marcel Nguyen Mike Shinoda Phillips GAMES 2018 Mashu Baker Gennady Golovkin Joseph Schooling Arthur Nory Mariano Jon Foo Max Loong Jonathan Klinsmann Nathan Adrian Sean Dulake Alex Landi Stefan Ishizaki Koji Murofushi Lewis Tan Kostya Tszyu James Yun Björgólfur Hideaki Takefusa cause effecr TCH RO Nancy McDonie Kristin Kreuk Alice Sara Ott Jeon So-mi Araya Haragate Tina Tamashiro Samantha Jo Devon Aoki Marjorie Liu ChloeWang Danice Suzuki AlineNakashima

Various Examples

WMAF AMWF 10 OUR BEST-TASTING CHICKEN MCDO 99 M-Spaghetti LYDOLS SmaphoDrON Cel and meaieat me Al-pc. Chicken McDo 1Deschager OUR BEST-TASTING CHICKEN VALUE MEA テータそのまま 19 035 MAPPI MEL INm ALL-TIME FAVORITE BURGER VALUE MEALS P64 125 '125 115 134 BIx Dickm Mcde C1c Dhicken McDe 125 ad br Dedm 125 95 160 Dtere Dl Phone 行ス Day Dits SPICY Di Dicken McDe Elx Dicken Mcdo CHICKEN MCDO caCola 站頂 リがとう いま。 176 167 LINE STAPEALES F2e Dicken McDo 107 GE Molkugets 147 182 Qarte nt H Mclugpets 145 Aet 127 10 M UPSIZE YOUR MEAL 12 17 T2037 58 Oe yor ala CAFtiCED COFFSE UPGRADE 20 20 20.E Tet LACE G nding! Aasata fa Cat Literacy Have a 8-38.3.58. 98. 而和 成 西 e Average AMWF Average WMAF Enthusiasts Enjoyers VE CK O Facebook WMAW AMWW WMAW AMWW II WMAW + AMWW TRANS AR II

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Juki Nuki
Juki Nuki

Imagine being so devoid of personality that you substitute it with your race.
Imagine projecting that "race = personality" mindset onto everyone else and immediately judging them and harassing them over it.
Imagine being so shallow that you think race and race only is the motivation behind relationships rather than two individual people who feel attraction and affection for one another.
Imagine blaming your inability to find love on race instead of your own lack of social skills, confidence, kindness, and human empathy.
Imagine seeing someone court a woman of your race and think that you're under attack and being "conquered" thus leading you into thinking you ought to "conquer" their women in return.

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