Yes, Very Sad / Anyway, It Got Me Thinking meme format depicting Loki from the Loki Disney+ tv series seated at a desk with a lamp.

Yes, Very Sad / Anyway, It Got Me Thinking

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Yes, Very Sad. Anyway, It Got Me Thinking, often shortened to Yes, Very Sad. Anyway, is a memorable quote from the Marvel and Disney+ television series Loki. It is often used as a two-panel exploitable image macro to quickly move on from a serious or sad topic, much similarly to Oh No! Anyway. The meme is particularly popular on Reddit and within the Marvel fandom.


On June 16th, 2021, episode two of Loki, titled "The Variant," was released on Disney+. In one scene, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is having a lunchtime discussion with Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius. He uses Ragnarok, the apocalyptic destruction of his homeland of Asgard, as part of a theory and nonchalantly changes the subject, which seems to confuse Mobius (video seen below).[1]

Loki: Ragnarok. Are you familiar?
Mobius: Yes, the destruction of Asgard and most of its people. I’m sorry.
Loki: Yes, very sad. Anyway, it got me thinking…

On June 18th, 2021, the first known meme utilizing the two-panel quote format was uploaded to /r/dndmemes[2] by Redditor u/adoom98. The meme (seen below) received 1,900 upvotes and 14 comments. It was later reposted to Twitter and began to spread further.

DM who just TPK'd the party The same DM, having planned the next campaign Yes, very sad. Anyway, it got me thinking...


The following day, Redditor u/Jaspaca uploaded another version of the meme to /r/PrequelMemes,[3] where it received 13,100 upvotes and 55 comments in under a month.

Padmé : He said... you turned to the Dark Side, and that you... killed Younglings! Anakin: Yes, very sad. Anyway, it got me thinking...

On June 22nd, 2021, Redditor u/ShainerMan uploaded a variant to /r/marvelmemes,[4] introducing the quote "Yes, very sad. Anyway" as an alternative to the popular "Oh no! Anyway," meme. It received over 14,700 upvotes and 94 comments within 24 days. As a result, the meme format began to trend and became used in numerous mainstream memes outside of the Loki and Marvel fandoms.

Jet skis are awesome. I'm with you. I love water.

Various Examples

person on Twitter: I'm never buying from this company again! billion dollar company: Yes, very sad Anyway.. Cersei when Joffrey and Myrcella died Cersei when Tommen died Yes, very sad Anyway. Old rich Man : *dies * His young wife: O8 2236976 9 Anyway Yes, very sad Professor: Hey I got your result, you actually failed art school Hitler: Yes, very sad. Anyway, it got me thinking.. billa 8 loki @616SLOKI me after me after watching ep 1 of loki watching ep 2 of loki Yes, very sad. Anyway, it got me thinking... Godzilla or Mothra dies Any other monster or human Yes, very sad Anyway..


Yes, very sad. Anyway

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