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You Just Got Hey Stinky'd

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You Just Got Hey Stinky'd refers to a bait-and-switch video featuring a video of Mario, specifically his sprite from Super Mario RPG, dancing to a version of I.Y.A.Z's Replay[1] composed by SilvaGunner.[2] The video begins with an image of Mario over a black screen, followed by a soundbite of Mario saying, "Hey, Stinky!" from Mario Party 7.[3] The image of Mario then zooms out, the song plays, and the bottom-text, "You Just Got Hey Stinky'd!!" is revealed as Mario performs the Club Penguin dance.


On July 25th, 2020, YouTuber SilvaGunner uploaded a video titled, "Slider (July 29, 1995 build) – Super Mario 64," referencing a popular conspiracy theory about a 1995/07/29 build of Super Mario 64[4] (shown below). Rather than the song titled, the video contains a version of I.Y.A.Z's Replay, remixed to sound like a song from Mario 64. The video garnered over 253 thousand views in under 3 months.

On July 31st, Twitter user WinterImpact[7] posted an original animated video of Mario performing the Club Penguin dance, including custom sprite-work to show Mario sitting and moving his arms (shown below). The animation was taken by one of WinterImpact's friends and made into the first, "Hey Stinky" meme.

On August 5th, Instagrammer retarde_the_fourth[5] uploaded a video featuring WinterImpact's dancing Mario over a black background, accompanied by SilvaGunner's song and the text "You just got Hey Stinky'd" to their meme page, garnering over 170 views in two months (shown below, left). On the same day, YouTuber Velexity Volkx[6] uploaded the same video (shown below, right) to YouTube, stating in a pinned comment:

I know many people will say this is copied from someone else on YouTube. I got this video from Instagram. I posted the video before anyone else did. I found the shorter version and posted it. Others may have found the longer version somewhere else. I did not copy this from YouTube

Velexity Volkx's post received over 2,100 views in 2 months.


The video made its way around various Instagram meme pages over the next few months, and was reposted to YouTube several times. The most popular of these reuploads is from August 5th, 2020, from Eruption Army, garnering over 58 thousand views in two months (shown below, left). On August 10th, YouTuber GildedSoupe uploaded a meme featuring "Hey Stinky" (shown below, right).

On August 21st, YouTuber wintuu, owner of the ImpactWinter Twitter page, uploaded a high quality version of her dancing Mario video in the "Hey Stinky" format.[8] That same month, "Hey Stinky" videos started gaining more traction, as Twitter users began sharing the video in the comments sections of other users' posts. Around the same time, YouTubers started uploading new variations of the meme, including one from Luis Prower with Paper Mario in place of the Mario RPG sprite (shown below).

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