You Win This Time!

You Win This Time!

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The You Win This Time! face is a rage comic ccharacter used to reluctantly or angrily admit defeat. Primarily used by Spanish-speaking users, it is somewhat similar in design to the Sweet Jesus Face featured in English-language rage comics.


The face first appeared in a rage comic shared on the Spanish-language humor site Cuánto Cabrón[1] on February 11th, 2011. In the comic, a student is shown thinking “Math exam…I haven’t even studied…but they’re just numbers” followed by a panel of equations with letters. A trollface teacher appears in third panel saying “As you can see, the test is very simple for those who have studied.” The final panel shows the frustrated student admitting that the teacher has won this time and that he should have studied. The comic received a positive score of 3020 out of 5112 votes.

Examen de mates . ni me lo he mirado total para que...solo son numerOS LID Como vereis el examen es muy sencillo para aquellos auc hallan estudiado YOU WIN THIS TIME


In April 2011, a Facebook fan page[4] was created for the face, which has gained nearly 131,000 likes as of June 2012. On October 26th, 2011, an exploitable rage comic template (shown below, left) was posted to deviantArt[6], with the uploader's note that it was not his original work. The face was added to the rage comic-related blogs All The Rage Faces![3] on November 5th, 2011 and to The Rage Faces[5] on December 5th. On January 8th, 2012, one of the earliest English-language iterations featuring the face appeared in a Harry Potter-themed comic (shown below, right) posted on FunnyJunk.[2] Comics continue to be posted on Cuánto Cabrón with the tag You Win This Time.[7]


Notable Examples

Le me drawing in the class Derp, Dafuq am not done yet are you doing ? IA See YOU WIN THIS TIME i hate it when a chinchilla eats the universe nute i hate it when adolf hitler steals my nutella Previous Next te it when a llam Done YOU WIN THIS TIME Hitler
Me as a small child playing in my room with Troll dad enters. toys Son your room is a trainwreck you really need to clean up your toys Why should i clean my room dad? Its only going to get get messy again. Why should i feed you? Your only going to get hungry again YOU WIN THIS TIME Troll dad Pregunta abierta Ver otra Que piensan los japoneses de los Mexicanos? Que pensaran las chavas japonesas de nosotros los MexicanosAA RESPUESTAS SERIAS, NADA DE BROMAS hace 4 minutos-4 dias para responder P Denunciar abuso Barra de Acción: | 1 ☆ interesante.- sa correo + Guarda" Esta pregunta-caue piensan los j--.. . fue publcada originalmente en Yahoo! Respuestas México espuestas (2) Mostrar: Todas las respuestas あなたが翻訳した場合、これは)意味をもた 네. hace 1 minutos-Modificar- Borrar YOU WIN THIS TIME reblogged the-absolute- funniest-posts: 2012-03-12 17 20 Follow this blog. This blog will make you laugh out loud make vesulaugh sutlaastNO. Eollow this blog. you will Source: chaystar 仄 Follow this blog, you will love it on your dashboard YOU WIN THIS TIME

Search Interest

Though "You win this time" is a common phrase, search interest began to pick up in the months following the creation of the first comic, hitting an all-time high in March 2012.

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